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Keep up with Jon Baker here...

...on grandma's blog. Nice to see the family support!

Geoff Proctor's Cross Camp Site!

Check it out! My Google Crawler picked up the site for Geoff Proctor's Euro Cross Camp...made famous in the Transitions movies which by now, nearly any one of you fellow cross geeks own (and I am sure you own parts I and II). I saw the Camp's site linked to me which is super cool! I've done the same so you can always come here to link through to their site and read the blog entries and more.

Check out the latest blog entry where Geoff interviews Sven the Cannibal Nijs about the risks of running his Rhinos too high or too low when battling it out with the likes of Bart Wellens. Cool read.

Steve-Z's pics!

Steve Z: I APOLOGIZE! (per your comment to the blog posting below!). I should have gone to your site first! Ha! Folks, head on over to see Steve's sexcellent pics of the Redline Cup.

Classy Klaas

As I predicted, Klaas got his W in Eernegem today. He's come so close since day one of the season and I knew he was getting the blood thirst towards the end of last season. It was obvious that he'd be rolling this year as he's just coming into that sweet spot age.

I'll see if I can recast some pics later today after my race...

Nascar at the Koppencross

This is an AWESOME little video clip of the Koppencross highlights from today. I still do not know if I am in love with the 07/08 UCI points leader uniform, this year modeled by Sven in a fairly pedestrian blue. I was down with Sven's perennial vertically striped UCI leaders jersey which essentially has been his for 10 years. If you read the Cycling News coverage of the race today, Wellens pulled back Nys and bridged up in what sounded like a throw down last two laps, only to get dropped like a bad habit by Sven the Cannibal on the bell lap. The sequence where Bart bridges back at the crest of the Kopp and Nascar's into Sven to take the line back onto the hill traversing the top of the field on the Kopp is classic. You go Bart.

I can not wait to get my first shipment of DVD's Joe! Oh, I owe you some casholine, don't I?

It's a tap.....just a little tap.

Ken posted these pics, and I am not sure where he got 'em but it's a perfect demonstration of how "nijsly" Sven can rip it through the barriers without ever getting his Shimano-laden feet out of those pedals. Note Sven's Dugasts just kissing that lip of the barrier. That's the secret. I watch some dudes try and do the full on MTB style haul-the-whole-bike-up-to-altitude to clear front and rear wheels at the same time but that ain't it sports fans. That's not the 'style' as J-Pow professes in his now well known YouTube description of his bunny hopping prowess. You want to take the bunny hop in 'cross in stages:

front lift...front kiss...rear lift...sometimes rear kiss...then pedal out bmx style to ensure the foolios fumbling through behind you burn more watts than you trying to bridge back. That's why you should be in the f-ing hoods and not on the tops when you get to the other side of the barriers either after a bunny hop or a full on dismount. You need to be thinking braaaaaaaaaaap! as soon as you get in those pedals again and your hands need to be on them thar hoods.

Peanut is PRO

Peanut, you are one hard badass chick. Absolutely PRO as Radio Freddy says. I am re-casting Christine's pics here from a recent posting but this is a testament to hard core cross love. Much props, sister:Mikes bikes look absolutely sick as well. The Vanderkitten Brown is totally rad. I can NOT wait to get my Revolver 29'er built up.
It's getting cold in Belgie says Christine and I am lusting being there. January 9th through the 21st or so it looks like. I think I'm bringing along a surprise guest. I'll let you know when he says yes.




Fidea, or Figaya?

Oh dear. I think all possibilities of me feeling good about this picture in any way possible are just not going to happen. This is from the Ridley article VN just published. What is it about the Euros? I read Cycle Sport and Procycling and the ads and some behind the scenes photos are so unbelievably cheezy, I can not take it. Scenes of dudes shaving their legs in the bath or Filipo Pozatto in (I shit you not) flanal pajamas with little sheep on them.

Seeing my 'cross heros in a photo that would normally be seen in any communal bath in NYC's meat packing district, I just want to shed a tear.

Is this PRO? God help us.


The fastest Frenchman on 700c knobbies has the worst tape job in all of professional cycling. C'mon Francis! Get PRO. It looks like his 13 year old brother wrapped his bars:

(Photo: )

Ohio UCI races this past weekend

Some race action from the UCI races in Ohio this past weekend. Nice to see Brandon mixing it up with Wicks and Parbo at the front. Wicks has so much time at the end, he's show boating through the barriers by bunny hopping.