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Time machine.

Daaaaamn. We are all getting older. Even the cyborg, Sven Nijs is beginning to show some weather. I've got a couple-a 3 or 4 gray hairs starting to show their face in the bouffant, but Sven's head is either getting bigger with each World Cup victory or he's starting to show some age:It's all good Sven. It's aaaaaaaaaaall good. Getting older is OK, man. No need to worry about that little wunderkind Niels Albert or Klaas Vanthournout (FYI: He's my prediction of the up-and-comer for this season). Just keep doing your bunny hoppin' thing out there and keep that Giro on your dome. No one will know.

If you can...

...tell me who this interviewer is, you are an uber geek....and yes a kindred brother (or sister...).Photo Credit: Artur Eranosian

2 Weeks until the first 'Go!'

No Worlds, Valverde. Sorry Sucka.

I think Nelson said it best: Ha hah!

King Coln takes on Ireland

Jonny, you've been sold up the river, buddy. Bobby busted you and exposed your blog to me. You should've never told anyone, man. If anyone wants to swing by and see what goes on in the life of a soigneur, have a look at my team mate Jonny's blog and see his exploits with Slipstream.

The RM and Mini-Phinney connection....

So, I got my copy of Procycling magazine and am flipping through it when I see this article on Taylor Phinney...highlighting the prodigy that he is and the pedigree that he comes from. What was cool to read in the blurb (see picture) is the commentary from my team mate, Neal Henderson who is part of the coaching staff for mini-Phinney. You go Neal! Get your fame on. Knowing the results I've seen Neal's 'students' achieve (some whom are very dear friends of mine), Taylor is in good hands. Very cool.

I wake up every mornng and dream I won it

So says Georgie in this new documentary. I love that. Ken B used to have a saying on his site: If you write it down and hang it up, it will come true. I follow that rule, albeit electronically, since I saw that on his site year ago. Inspires me for Mol.

While I am psyched to see this DVD and even more pumped for Georgie to somehow keep the rubber side down and finally win this thing, the DVD is seemingly filmed in a very special place to my wife and I, Santa Ynez CA. We were married there in the Mission. Lots of this footage is on roads I know well and it'll me cool to reminisce on it while watching.

Tommy Danielson to Slipstream

I think I have a "you heard it here first" news item: Durango's Tommy D will be in the argyle kit of Slipstream Sports next year. Let's just say I have it on first hand knowledge.

This is gonna be interesting. Tons of Boulder-ites in the mix here. I see these guys flying round town often. And now, Maggie, CVV, Millar, Tommy D...not quite sure what they are going to focus on but they could represent next year for sure if they can groom Will F and maybe Pate to do some damage in the short stage races like Paree Neeece or like. I think a 3 week'er is still a load for some of these youngings but a good roll at the Giro would be nice.

Anyhoo, i hope these guys take their squeaky clean blood and lay wood on those chumps in Euro-land.

WTF Bart?

I just don't get Euros.
Teddy bears and fashion shows of crappy Euro-trash clothes? Say it ain't so Bart-man.

Click HERE to watch this crappy TV spot on Wellens. I hope you speak Flemish.

Ben Turner's Cyclocross Development

I linked to this through Gwadzilla's site. Thanks man! Awesome video of Ben Turner's Boulder Based TIAA-Cref/Clif Bar cross team. They are having problems getting funding from what I hear folks (will dril in to this more to see what's up) but is the deepest in terms of junior to espoir-level 'cross mentoring we have in thi9s country ) props to Alan and Rad Racing too!).

Click -->HERE<--to navigate to the video.


So Christine's note to me in my post below reminded me to do two things:

a) Ensure I link out to her blog
b) Ensure you know what this tough as nails chiquita is doing over there in the Belgian mud and cobbles

Christine "the PEANUT" Vardaros is an American living the dream over there in Belgie. I was made known of her exploits through Paul and my friends at Rock Lobster, who also supply Christine with her frames for 'cross (at least in years past).

Have a read and learn how un-PRO you really are when you filter through her trials and tribulations.