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Rocking the Discos! | Singlespeed Chain Guide

Check it! My main man Whit-J dialed me into a pair of Discos he'd made (I believe with T-Brown) back in the day. I need to get the whole history of their genesis and I'll update this post. A few years ago, they cranked out these ingenious guides in Ti and carbon (and maybe aluminum?) which all but prevent chains from jumping. I'm honored to have a set! I used a combination of full spaces and 'sliver' spacers as the carbon itself is slightly thinner than the aluminum spacers.

Anyways, friggin' trick! Check it!

I needs me some single speed help

Does anyone have the secret on keeping chains in place on your 1 x 1's? I have a modified geared frame and am using the surly thing. It seems to keep the chain tight but i still lose the chain WAY to much on technical/bouncy single track. The chain falls off the rear cog as equally as it bounces off the front ring. For the rear, I saw Travis' one day and he had some make shift plastic discs thingies I think he hand made that basically trapped the chain on the cog. One went on either side of the cog. Does anyone know of an after market kit or should I just make it myself? For the front, I assume that the 3rd eye chain watcher or that thingy which looks sort of like a front dérailleur but is actually for keeping chains in place (name escapes me at the moment) will suffice.

So anyone have any leads/articles/advice? Comment back and share the goodness!

Kisses in advance.

Awesome 26 vs 29'er 1x1 shoot out

Local cycling legend and even more prolific photog Steve Z has done a fairly good side by side shoot out of two single speeds...similar in appointments but one on 26" and the other on 9'ers. It's Curtlo versus On One (anyone know the URL for them?) folks.

Read the entire shoot out here by visiting Steve's blog. I give the review props even though he caught me here at the USGP's last year whimpering like a worked over dog with my cracked wrist bone.

I will get to scope out my Revolver 29'er next week! Mike is going to bring it up to San Anselmo for me to scope out. Stoked. Going to dismantle the YBB and migrate the parts.


Post Japan, things are going fairly good again. I am in love with my SS and am finding it hard to go on longer road rides when that bike just feels so good.

In the gym I have been going deep on the weights and core. Can't say that I am going to have a six-pack and all that (i think I'm skinny enough) but I can feel the difference in the depth of my breathing just by having given other parts of my body some attention. I have been going fairly deep on the leg presses as well to develop a deeper strength which I haven't done since...well a long time let's say.

So to see where rubber meets road on all of this, I have been doing this route which is great on the SS. Climb Lee Hill, bomb Left Hand Canyon to Heil Ranch, loop that puppy and re-climb up Old Stage back home. Perfect. Mainly as it is all so close to my house. Climbing LH on the single is tough with the 32 x 16 but perfect to sort of continue that core leg strength work I have been doing. Sometimes it feels like I am going to blow the chain right off that puppy but she's hanging in there.

I can not wait for heat. Open jerseys, blaring sun, warm muscles.