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Valmont Park Site Review Drawings

The complete collection of plans and drawings for Valmont Park is now available online . These are medium-level design documents that show the general layout and design intent to comply with the City's site review process. There are many pages of technical documents detailing every aspect of the site, from the landscaping to the buildings to the bike stuff. Once approved by the Planning Department, the design will become much more detailed before construction begins later in 2009. Check out the progress!


Pics from the VBP Party at Boulder Cycle Sport!!

What an incredible night! I was running around like a crazy man with my camera shooting the vast amount of folks who came to support the Valmont Bike Park Project and opened their wallets judiciously to take DSC_0144advantage of the MASSIVE offer Bikes Belong has offered: To match dollar for dollar for every donation made through February 6th!

I would say that the night was a HUGE success with such a great collection of generous souls who showed so much excitement for what is going to be an UNBELIEVABLE model park.

Thanks to all who came and donated to the park!

Come see the pictures here!

Bikes Belong matching $1 for $1 for the VBP!

Local CO folks, PLEASE check this out!

Bikes Belong Kicks Off $10K Matching Funds Campaign

Dollar-for-dollar matching through February 6th

Bikes Belong is the national coalition of bike-industry retailers and suppliers working together to put more people on bicycles more often. Through grassroots grants, national partnerships, lobbying, and promotion, Bikes Belong works to make bicycling in the U.S. safe, convenient, and fun for riders of all ages and abilities.

Bikes Belong logo

Headquartered here in bike-friendly Boulder, Bikes Belong is pleased to support the Valmont Bike Park through a Matching Funds Drive scheduled for January 21 through February 6th, 2009. For all individual and business donations collected during this time from our community, Bikes Belong will contribute up to $10,000 in matching funds. Please take this opportunity to donate to your local bike park or help share the story by encouraging friends to contribute. "Valmont Bike Park will make Boulder an even better place to be a bicyclist, and we're thrilled to have this world-class facility in our own backyard," said Tim Blumenthal, Executive Director of Bikes Belong.

Contribute today, and double your investment in the future of bicycling in Boulder!

Visit to DONATE NOW and have your funds matched, and please join us at the kickoff party on January 27th at Boulder Cycle Sport.

Oh Yeah! Check out the VBP Video!

Valmont Bike Park from Valmont Bike Park on Vimeo.

M & C Donations Recognized!

For all that bought M & C apparel, your brick will be made ("Friends of Mud and Cowbells") and is now on the Donor's Page of the Valmont Bike Park web site! Thank you all again!


I am FINALLY at a point where CafePress has cut me a check and I can buy a brick on all your your behalf!! The list of honorable donors is as follows. Hug yourself as you've helped push Valmont Bike Park financially...and for many of you on this list, emotionally and physically!

The universe of cyclists thanks you!!

You're Invited! Help design the gravity sections of the VBP!

Come help design the gravity sections of the VBP! Learn more at the Valmont Bike Park Blog!

Road to Roubaix

The movie was a success last night. Pretty darn good little flick! Hearing Henk Vogels talk too was great. The man has some stories about Roubaix. Love that guy.

What also was cool was setting up a table for the Valmont Bike Park and inviting the hoards of movie goers to come in close and hear about the good stuff they are about to have at their disposal for off road riding...all for FREE. We had quite a few folks Buy Bricks as well right there on the spot...which was SUPER cool. Bliss had his laptop and aircard set up and we literally took orders! SO COOL. The community was pumped to hear about it.

Moving on, the wrist is healing but the ribs are giving me a horrible time. Ironically, I can ride OK without taking in huge breaths but sitting and sleeping are still tough. But alas, like a sick child home from school who's mom brings him a toy, so the White Sex have arriveth. Lance and the TRP gang provided me with this most unbelievable set of TRP EuroX Magnesium cross brakes. I have lusted these for some time....since I hear that they had taken all this consumer feedback and implemented SO MANY features to really move the ball forward. SICK! First, the weight is surreal. One would expect carbon to be this light. These, yes, are lighter. The adjustments are many. Barrell adjuster for micro adjustments to the straddle cable when you change wheels to accomodate for rim thicknesses as well as TOE IN! All the little things...

These babies will be going on my black Rock Lobster and I'll be moving the EuroX Carbons to my white one.

More stuff to do to get ready for cross in terms of body and bike. First, get healthy.

New Valmont Bike Park Bloggy blog!

We've got a gaggle of authors on this so you don't always need to hear my rants! Click on over to the VBP Blog! (click image below....)

Immortalize yourself in stone! Buy a brick for Valmont Bike Park!

IT IS REAL FOLKS!! The Valmont Bike Park is officially underway after a unanimous voting session by the Boulder City Council. The vibe surrounding the project is unbelievable and people are tremendously excited.

In fact, work has already begun! BMA and Parks and Rec staff are working with landscape architects to select a team of world class trail designers. Solicitations have literally come in from around the globe by well known trail architects to get involved in this project. As previously reported the park will offer SO MUCH to the off road cycling community such as...

• A UCI World Championship Cyclocross Race Course
• A BMX Jump Course
• A Pump Track
• Mountain Bike Skills Course
• Four Cross Track
• Singletrack Trails
• Progressive Challenge - For the Entire Family!

All this said, we want to make this park WORLD CLASS and build all the special features you desire for the ultimate experience. While we have funding coming in from the City of Boulder, the Valmont Bike Park Committe is also working with Go Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) for a grant of $200,000! This will get us further in completing the whole vision but your donations will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

For the indiviual contributor, the Valmont Bike Park Committee is going Northern European:


The Comittee is offering a Buy a Brick Campaign! You as an individual, your family, your team...even your company can become immortalized in stone with an inscribed brick placed in a special area of the park...likely to be near the circuits start/finish complex. Just envision your cross race in Boulder starting and finishing in a mad sprint across pave'. SWEET!

Click on the Buy A Brick image above and it will take you to the page to quickly learn about all the options you have to help financially support this cause. Out of the gate today, donations are rapidly approaching $10,000! Amazing support already from the community.

Donations can start as low as $25!! But to make it fun, there are all types of sponsorship opportunities you as an individual or your organization/company can get involved with:

Contribution Options:
• $25 Valmont Supporter- Keep me in the loop!
• $50 Fat Tire Society- Single track in Boulder? Sign me up!
• $100 SwitchBack Member- Engraved Individual Brick* (includes 1 year BMA individual membership)
• $250 CycloCross Founder– Engraved Medium Brick* (includes 1 year BMA individual membership)
• $500 Big Ring Society– Engraved Large Brick* (includes 1 year BMA individual membership)
• $1,000 Top of the Podium– Engraved XL Brick* (with your company logo or a personalized message and 1 year BMA individual membership)
• Other - Fill in a random amount you would like to contribute.

We have lofty goals for permanent structures to enhance the park experience. If you or your company wants to be more involved, we are looking for donations to construct the following.

• Podium $2,500
• Belgian Run-Up $5,000
• Pump Track $25,000
• Event Registration Shelter $25,000
• Tot Lot Play Ground $50,000

We really appreciate any financial or volunteer support you can contribute.

Click HERE to learn more about ways to get involved.

It's happening!!!

'Cross on.