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Valmont Bike Park is a GO!

It's done! The Valmont Park Project including the bike park has been approved and is a go! For guys like Pete Webber and Bobby Noyes and many others who have been pushing this for a decade, this is an amazing day. We will now be able to have a dedicated facility to do what we love best right here in town: ride off road.

You can read about last nights final voting session in the Daily Camera but I can tell you that the members of the Valmont Bike Park committee and the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance are extremely pumped for Boulder.

Want to get an idea of what the park is going to look like? Click here. I can't wait! See that guy in the center of the park? That's yours truly. Getting my cross on in my town's dedicated cross course. SICK!

Singletrack coming to Valmont? : local : Colorado Daily, Boulder, CO

SWEET. And they even got in a pic of my bro Bill. Update your blog Bill!

Singletrack coming to Valmont?


Entire story is HERE:
Singletrack coming to Valmont? : local : Colorado Daily, Boulder, CO

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Designs for Valmont Park Emerge

This is a Daily Camera article from today that I thought was interesting. Admittedly it is an uninspiring piece but outlines the basics.

Tremendous buy-in is there already from key decision makers and those that hold the purse strings and appropriate the funds within the purse.

Soon folks! Soon!

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