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Wednesday Worlds | Never Say Die

The WB and I got out for a snowclocross ride before work this AM. Wednesday Worlds-style without all the intervals. Boulder is beautiful with a blanket of the white stuff.

Ward and Keller - Wednesday Worlds Dec 2009 from Gregory Keller on Vimeo.

Ward and I spun out and had a great time reflecting on our seasons, longing for next year, snowboarding and of course what tubulars to run next year. Good times.

Ward's steed, pre-dawn.

The secret stairs.

The aftermath.

Wednesday Worlds | Watch my twitter stream

Folks, For those who want to do the early AM version of the worlds..., have a look see below at my twitter stream which will show my tweets and those that also either re-tweet or do their own mention. We're attempting to develop a hashtag too e.g. #wednesdayworldsboulder which you can search twitter or wefollow for others who may be running the show on certain weeks.


Wednesday Worlds Week 1 | True Soldiers

It was like 6:25 this AM as I threw on the ‘backback-o-barriers’ and took my sluggish, half-sleepy, non-‘morning meeting’ body (you all know what the morning is right?) down to Amante. I was convinced it’d be me and maybe two other hard cores out there beating the snot out of each other in these pre-season days.

And then…like a mirage…as I rolled into the meet-up spot, my peeps were all there. Laid out in front of me. Family. Nearly 30 of us there today…the hard workin’ stiffs who need the juice before going into the coal mines for the day. The excitement was in the air….conversations of gear, re-uniting with friends haven’t seen since last season. Cross is here and the people need their cross.

We hit up Elks for a couple of deep sessions. The engine felt pretty damn good and the early morning training is he;ping out a lot. My body is fresher and I am getting a much higher quality depth in the legs than years prior.

Oh, and the equipment dudes are rolling on this year: unbelievable. People have their cross machines DIALED in. For many, it is their pride and joy of the stable. Sound familiar?

Digital celluloid:


We all had sleep in our eyes…


One of MANY Ridley’s out there. WAY more than I’ve seen in year’s past.


Part of the crew…along with another variant of the port-o-barriers!




The Working Man’s Crew.


Brian’s Ibis. It has gold bottle mount bolts.


More carbon bling. The Time Cross Machine.


Ridley X-Fire Exhibit A


Ridley X-Fire Exhibit B


Ridley X-Night Exhibits A and B. Boing!

Ironically, the Working Man’s Wednesday Worlds intersected with a long standing Wednesday AM road group ride…and my man and boss-man Walter Knapp is part of that throw down. Note he sponsored this RAD Panache kit (see the Lijit Logos??).


And LASTLY, spotted in the Back Woods of Maine. One of the woodsman up there was spotted in an M & C lid!