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Chalk one up for The Pros Closet! My homies, Ben, Nick et al sold my Moots to a lucky person and I wish the Buy it Now person the best. It's a fantastic bike, well loved and will bring smiles fo' sho'.

On my welcome-back-to-altitude lunchtime ride today, I swung by the shop to pick up my Specialized 2D helmet which was recalled due to someone in China not mixing the right kind of plastic for the buckle. D'oh! I wonder who got fired for that. I can not imagine the financial impact given name changes (the product is now called the S WORKS, not the 2D) in addition to the big S hooking everyone up who ran into this issue with brand new 2007 Decibel which are great lids. The 2D's/S WORKs are stupid light in comparison and we'll be running the Milram color style this year. I STILL think that Gerolsteiner pattern was way more trick with our uniforms, but I got outvoted. My homies have no style. What can I say? The helmet returned to me is great, but is the 2007 Milram style:

But when I saw the 2008 Milram's, I saw the logic. INFINITELY cooler in my obviously stylistically advanced and well informed opinion:

See? Way radder, right? The white sex is permeating it's way into all designs. Lovely touch methinks with the white band across the back.

White repulsion

The opposite of white sex, is white repulsion. And this guy looks like he got caught in a white wash. I dunno about these youngsters trying to unPRO the PRO white with this kind of nonsense. He looks like a ballerina fer chrissakes with those leg warmers. Weak. 2 out of 10.

Photo ©: Emmanuel Isnard

The Wed Morning Cross World Championships...No 12 BELGIUM EDITION!

Place: Tongerlo, Belgium

That's right Boulder 'cross fans! Dubba and I dragged the crew out for a TRUE international edition of the Wednesday Morning World Cross Championships - Belgium Edition. Today in our ranks we had Two US National Champions (Dubba and Kathy Sarvary (50 to 54), a few Masters hard men (Me, KP, and our new friend Dave) a master US 'cross course builder, frame builder and race promoter (Tom Stevens) and one of the 3 Canadian representatives to the Trevisio 'Cross Worlds and our house mate, (Osmond Bakker). Truly and international crowd.

We started our day in Blauberg and pedaled the 10 or 12 k to the sporting complex in Tongerlo where a cross was held a few weeks ago. Weather dot com indicated rain (as always but we hhevn't seen a drop. In fact it's the perfect temp and tackiness out today.

We show up and with Os' help, reconn our course. This is not your average Elk's club, Boulder-ites. This is tight, twisty, wooded, bermed and slick single track with laid down trees for double speed barriers, open speed grass sections. Absolutely fun.

After the reconn and course set up, we shed the big coats and get our race faces on. JUST like home, Dubba calls out... "New England start, folks. Could happen anyti...GO!" We're off. I uncharacteristically blow a chain off the cassette at the start and have to literally stop and put the mo fo back on! I bite the handlebars to motor and bridge up to KP and Dubba. The Os has clearly been racing in the Super Prestiges and World Cups during his time here (he's got Hoogerheide coming up this weekend so he can thank is for chasing him today) and was off to the races. Brandon dispatched KP and I mid way through and attempted to bridge with KP and I doing our groove thing through wooded single track. Epically fun. We can OFFICIALLY say the Wednesday Worlds has gone international.

So, just to ensure things felt EXACTLY like Boulder, as we are kitting back up with jackets, an official looking lady comes trudging across the field and starts talking to us, indicating..."You know, this is private property and you need a reservation to use the sporting facilities here." Just like home indeed. Classic.

We then did some tempo work for a bit through this insanely muddy/forested trail network, then back out on the roads for our ride back to Blauberg.

Some digies of the people from the Wed Am Worlds ride. No vids today folks, SORRY!

Kathy, Dave, Tom, Dubba, Osmond, KP
Mmm. Tongerlo Brewery.
Os getting off the goo
Look ma. I'm in Belgie.

And it wouldn't be a Wednesday Worlds without a solid review of the "Bikes of the Wednesday Worlds - Tongerlo Edition":Dave's Colnago C 50 bling back in ints native habitat.
KP's Scott Team with Dugast Typhoon 32's

Dubba's Time machine
Rock Lobster B in za haus
Os' Stevens Team Carbon readied for the Hoogerheide WC this weekend. He'll probably opt for team issued Easton Carbon wheels with Challenge Griffos glued on.
Continuing on the carbon theme, Os uses Harrie's beautiful Spooky Carbon brakes with BBB holders and SwissStop yellow compund brakes.
Unbreakable Dura Ace with 46 x 39 with a 12 x 27 in the rear. Everyone runs double rings here as you would expect to ensure that low end gearing is available in deep mud while the big 46 serves like a road big ring as most of these courses are grass crits.
And of course Dura Ace with Easton bits rounding out the cockpit.
My experience with the TRP EuroX Carbons has been FANTASTIC. The coupund of the brake pads is different than the SwissStop yellows I use. Not as gummy as I thought but they modulate well when heated and make a sort of nylon on nylon sounds when hard braking occurs. They can stop my big carcass just fine.
The Rock Lobster A ready for war this weekend.

We showered up and had a destination in mind: 4 Bikes in Westerlo. This shop apparently is the bizomb but we wanted to go in and see for ourselves. It definitely had all the bling with one of the most immaculate service bays I've ever seen. KP and Dubba are hooking up the free cappuccinos from the Saeco machine when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye like a shiny Gnome all dressed in white:
The limited edition Selle Italia Flight saddle. Hmm. Looks like I'll be back on Selle's next year as I gave up hope in the US trying to find any of the white goodness. Oh, and check out the ka-bling shoe covers I scored. White sex to cover the white sex.

Lastly, house owner Jocelyn and our old friend Rachel Lloyd showed up to say hello and wish us luck. Rachel is prepping for Hoogerheide this weekend and the Worlds in a few weeks time. Go Rach!

That's it for Wednesday folks. Living the dream here in Belgie. Mol this weekend and it is going to RIP!


It's all a bit too much for me...

It's late. I must not be seeing straight. Is Mini-Sven actually as PRO as he appears? Holy GOD check out the Joe Namath's! If you get your hands on one of the early season 07/08 DVD's (I forget which one...maybe Koksijde? I will have to re-watch) but they have some pre-race video of Mini-Sven with a circle of people surrounding him as he sports a replica of his dad's UCI leader's kit and he's performing the most fluid dismount/remounts...Sven Van-t style (southpaw). Sick.
I will clearly have to continue the 5AM daily 'cross drills with my boys. It's clear the competition is good. Damn good.

"But daddy, it's cold outside and there's no light"

"Shut up kid and drink your Chimay and get out there. Hup hup, now. Hup hup."

White Sex Beloften Style

This beloften has one upped me with the pimp monochromatic White Sex. Damn you junior. Damn you and your awe inspiring, national championship winning, genetics bringing you such good fortune from the Sidi rep. Damn you.

The White Sex hath arriveth

Oh God. They've coming. White Sex available in a retailer near you this side of the pond. Or so says the article on CyclingNews.

I am happy and sad at the same time. But, ultimately, I think the White gig is up after this season and every chump is gonna bling out with the white. Yeah, I know I know. You're thinking: "But Greg, you are SO COOL in that white stuff. We love you and want your autograph." I know folks. It'll be OK. Fads were made to end violently.

I'm thinking that AC/DC rules will come back in effect.

Impossibly Sexy

Oh dear. I don't think I can sleep until I'm able to source these. TRP has launched White Sex of the braking kind. TRP just launched the Empella-like carbon brake and now this magnesium beauty. Mmm. In white. Oh , God.Oh. You're not supposed to use your brakes in 'cross. Forgot that. But they're so pretty.

'Cross and plumbing yield TdF-class athletes

Photo from NYT.

Rad to read. Oscar P, the winner* of last year's Tour raced cross primarily and won the Spanish CX 'Nats in recent memory. He was doing this while apprenticing as a plumber! RAD! He's me new hero (look out Jensy). If this is old news to y'all from last year's Tour, mea maxima culpa. New to me and I'm pumped to see 'crossers getting theirs (Franzoi, Gadret...where's Page??). Full NYT Article is HERE.

Post Script: Note the white sex Oakley Radar's. Yea boy.

*The winner as far as I am concerned.

I saw myself in the reflection...

....of a blog today and it scared the living poop out of me. And I liked it. Belgian Knee Warmers is a phenomenal blog written by an unbelievably passionate cyclist who has the gift of articulation and shares the same sort of zeal I have for our sport (even if the blog is road focused and mine is happily focused more or less on the mud of 'cross). In particular is his insistence to call out the nuances of anything PRO or being PRO (and as you'll see any reference to a professional rider or PRO equipment is called out as "PRO". Hilarious). One entry popped up on my Google Crawler that got my attention. It is Radio Freddy's (the blog's author) observation of the little things...the little details...that only a true geek or PRO can see and follows as he calls the Code of the Road. Read this entry.

So I figured I'd add my own small little details and add to his awesome list and in doing so totally open my kimono and expose my true geekiness. Consider this therapy. You have been warned.

White is the New Black...on clothing.

White sex. You think this started in cycling? Hell no. Joe Namath, baby. For a century, big dudes trudged around football fields with giant black shoes with spikes of death affixed to their soles. Then....along came Broadway Joe. Style, class...white shoes. They made him LOOK faster. Within a season nearly all players copied the Man. And with it an industry dedicated to white shoe dye to help repair the scuffs was born. I remember my brother polishing his white football shoes before his games. Memories...

So fast forward to 2007...and cycling. C'mon. Black shoes? They just look slow. I dunno who the first guy in the peleton was to wear white cycling shoes but the guy was a trend setter. I have gone back as far as the late 80's (note Lemond here in the 89 Tour) and seen the first white shoes in old pics so I'd say that was the tipping point era. You just look more supple with your white hoppers spinning elegant circles. I mean, even the hallowed and utterly traditional ground of Soccer (the other Football) has had its feet penetrated with white. Faster man. It just looks faster.

With the gotta have the white appointments. Behold my man Todd Wells on his way to winning the 05 Nats. You've got to note the white sex Sidis, white Oakley Pro M's White gloves (ALWAYS got to match the gloves and shoes...c'mon!!!) and white Lazer helmet (I think this is in poor and fairly pedestrian taste personally). I'd give Todd's application of the white appointments as a 7 out of 10 (3 point penalty for the bunk Lazer helmet). Big props for the attention to the white gloves and shoe combo. Kudos. Nice work, kid.

Black is the new Black....on wheels.

Motocross. BRAAAAAAAAAAAP! You know what I'm sayin. Every frickin one of you reading this do that when you throw your leg over your mountain bike and pull a manual. Now let's get specific: FMX! Now those boys have bike style. The black wheel thing started in this camp years ago with huge and beefier rims designed to take the punishment of the huge air. Black anodized rims, wider flanged hubs and thicker spokes. It is stealth looking and gives the bike a WAY cooler profile with the wheels looking beefier. So cross over to bikes. Well before road bikes got the buzz for black wheels, dual slalom and downhill bikes where following suit due to the cross over between riders moving to dual slalom and downhill. Remember Shaun Palmer??? This time, the DS and DH bikes came equipped with black spokes and black hubs. Yum. So as far back as '96, all my wheels have been ceramic Mavics, black DT spokes and black Chris King or Hugi's. Can't get away from it. Translating this to the road, there is a specific purpose for this which I LOVE: The black wheels and black appointments (especially carbon Campy Record or the new SRAM Force bits) do nothing but DRAW OUT the beauty of the frame..when painted obviously instead of benign carbon fiber frames. Behold Gibo's Scott Addict. There is NOTHING to see but the insanely beautiful frame (minus the totally cheesy Euro 'cool' Spiderman graphics. WTF is that? ("Look out Di Luca. I will intimidate you with my scary pink Spidy head.") In white of course. Very PRO though. Note the white bar tape and saddle. GOT to match and Simoni's at least got that right.

Belgian Tans
C'MON!!! In your darkest deepest untold secrets, you ALL love your tan lines. You look at yourself in the mirror after your well deserved shower after your long group ride or local race, suck in your gut and envision you are leaving the hallowed showers of the Roubaix velodrome or maybe on teh physicians table the day before Le Tour with your severe arm, leg and neck tans and if you are REALLY PRO, you certainly have yerself some of them helmet strap and/or glove tans. But face it, you just look like this French guy. Still, it is extremely PRO and is like a tattoo worn with honor...earned from hard miles in the sun. Don't forget to lather up with some SPF though.

So maybe if I can think of more of my obsessive and weird bike geek 'habits', I'll jot them down. Mostly though I want to pay tribute to this guy Radio Freddy as a kindred spirit dedicated to the details and nuances of the shit in cycling you know you love but won't admit it.

Oh, and white sex arrived

And coming back from my trip, my white sex arrived. Genius. I am such and uber-frickin-geek for the Euro trash I just can't explain it. I am a slut for white sidis.