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Winter Park was absolutely awesome. My lady and I had an epic time riding the WP trails on Saturday and Fraser on Sunday. We did the Circuit Race Course from the WP series a couple of times and hooked up some other great stuff on that fantastically marked singletrack they have up there.

Fraser was also fantastic. We rode a lot of the same stuff The WB, Troy and I did that weekend a month or so ago. Chainsaw, Zoom, etc.

The trails here remind me of those I cut my teeth on, on the East Coast. 100% wood lined tunnels of twisty singletrack. Roots, technical features, drops....bliss. All this at 9,500 to 10K Feet. Sweet. They added in this big hit park as well....I guess for the gravity games or krankworks or something. I hit the quarter pipe they had there like I did at Rich Glatt's house in Connecticut in 1983 on my GT Pro Performer. Insane. Smiles for days.

FYI, my lady ripped that wooden plank obstacle like Richie Schley. Rad.

Most importantly, we found that inner kid again like we did so long ago. We used to MTB all the time out in the Bay Area. We'd hit Skeggs, China Camp, all the juicy stuff the area had to offer. We'd get caught out in rainstorms, have beers afterwards and laugh. This was replicated this weekend.

We are recharged.

Pics from the frolics: