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Entries from March 18, 2007 - March 24, 2007

Prima Radshuhe, mein Herr!

I am an admitted geek and slave to fashion. The white is too good. Had to true-up my overwhelming Sidi collection with the 07 Dragon's for this coming CX season (can't ever be too early, girls). I rocked these last year and 'dem shitis dope, yo.' Translation: the white makes you go faster or so you can tell yourself. Bought that sheeit online from a store in Germany. where i got 'em last year. Not a bad price, either. No, you sluts. I am not telling you which store. Ha!

The weather blows but I am gonna throw fenders and a plastic cape on tomorrow and have some fun for a few hours. Lots of craziness in my life looming. Best to just put the head down and go forward in the rain. The thoughts will be there so I won't notice the cold. I can't deal with who'll be in my way. You'll just have to get run over as the spaces between my synapses are so thin, everything is firing at once these days. The sleep is bad and twitchy. F-ing Mol. How many months? Mol appears then disappears over my bow with every surge the waves coming in trying to sink me.

Whoa. White shoes to life waves trying to sink me. Transcending man. Whoa. I will now stop working aand being a total shit doink and go pop open a 1554 so I can chill the F out.

It's Friday.


My lady is on the Left Coast with her fam and I am wrangling the boys Thursday to Sunday. Let's just say that while I consider my self a great dad, my wife's job is thankless. It's akin to riding into the wind all day with rain blowing sideways, never getting a break until those guys chill out. We refuse to put them in front of the dumb box though as I don't want them retarded or salivating over McDonald's commercials.

So since I am on a 'day off', I dropped the kids off at school and head out for a quick and very low impact ride. "Ding ding ding ding ding" <-- that's the T-Mobile cell phone ring knowhati'mtalkinabout). "Mr. K, ah, your little guy has a fairly giant sized poop and we are not allowed to change it due to regulations. You need to come back" Genius. 5 minutes the kid is there and his plumbing leaks. Joy.

Weekend frolics and lunchtime rides

The non-racing weekend for me ended up being great. 3 1/2 hours on the 1 x 1 looping Hall was absolutely what the body needed. OK, maybe not needed but the grins were there while turning the 32 x 16...sort of like Chris Horner grins in a poker face sort of way no matter if he's soft pedaling or winning stages in the T d Suisse.

Sunday my wife and I rolled for 3. She is a capital 'A' animal. The gears she turns are stupid. Retarded big. "Honey, you're in the 53 14. Knock it back." Wife: "Oh, shoot, sorry."

Lunchtime ride today with my office mate down in Littleton on the paths. Brought out the new Rock Lobster and it is so dialed. When's cross. Where's Mol?

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