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Entries from April 1, 2007 - April 7, 2007

Feevah be gone

Finally feeling more like a human this evening. The fever hath broken. No Boulder Roubaix tomorrow which is a good thing. It is gonna be messy.

Good Friday. We're feeling in the spirit even though the spirits are down with bugs. Trying to assimilate the kids into something beyond themselves. So what to do but do the commercial thing and dye eggs! I made me a Sean Kelly Irish commemorative edition egg.

Happy Easter, peeps. Bock, bock.


The number of degrees my body is at at this moment. Flu. Body aches like bone cancer and dizziness like you wouldn't believe. Maybe someone slipped me a mickey. Seamus had it like the dickens earlier this week ,the poor little guy. Wasted. No B/R on saturday. Whatever. I'm sick of everything at the moment. The last thing I need is a bike race.

BCS had a team night for us as well tonight. All kinds of great deals to ensure we are well equipped for the season. Taro and Brandon rip. I wasn't able to go obvioulsy but I'm hooking up the following cross wheel set for next year.

Mavic CD Reflex:

DT Swiss Spokes. Black. 14/15 gauge with some black AL nips.

Hubs: Hugi 240's of course. Bomber.

Here's the news though. I was going to source some A-D Rhinos. 34 (I think) for my FSA-488's and 32's for these Reflex CD's. But Brandon mentioned there is a NEW player in the hand sewn tubular world. I have no details but ex-Dugast dude(s). We'll see. Stay tuned.

Off to bed to stop the ache.

From Warriers to Wankers

I spoke yesterday of a warrier/angel. Today, I speak of a wanker/coward/p.o.s. who ran our hombre Chris Zito down and took off. Watch video of him explaning what happened here.

Read more on the Swobo site. People who witnessed him geeting whacked drove away. Drove AWAY.

True Warrier

Unbelievable photo caught by Rupert Berrington. Please visit his gallery and I thank him in advance for using this photo here with his copyright info.

Why is the photo meaningful. If you know this team mate of mine, you'd be smiling. This is a microcosm of Couch in action. Selfless.

1) He organizes the races RM puts on and has dedicated himself to the ACA for years.
2) He wholly manages the RM-Izze Womans team, growing it into a group of talented ladies who embody team spirit. He'll say adios to the guys on his well earned Saturday ride as they go off on their ride so he can stay with and mentor/clinic/coach the women on skills.
3) He works for his teammates continually. And it's here in this shot that it became obvious to me...having just given the wheel off his brand new Specialized to a team mate at the Kopp.

Rock on Couch. We need to bottle you up somehow. This is the shit that should make people get up in the morning to try and emulate.

Map My Ride

Kelly NEEQuette showed me this little web based gem today.

I'm trying to get the embed-able Javascript to work to host this in my blog but here's the link:


Joe P from PelotonPhoto has posted some great images from the Kopp. I am bummed I missed it! This pic is insane knowing what it is like scrambling up that hill on the first lap. It quickly strings out after.

For my team mates: BUY PICTURES. Help support Joe.
Boulder Roubaix this weekend. Weather will be Belgium like (48 degrees and rainy) although Weather Dot Com changes its mind hourly.

West and weewaxashun

I am realizing that as cool as my small mind makes me believe I am, I am merely the second coming of Elmer Fudd. I am sick again, getting better, but in need of a wittle west and weewaxashun. I worked very hard last week to prep for Sunday only to be wiped out again with a stomach virus which my little boy is still reeling from. Honestly, I just need to get Zen and remember how and precisely where I need to set expectations as an athlete in the realm of precisely WHO I am: Daddy, husband, worker bee. I need to check the psychotic-ness at the door and remember Elmer Fudd and laugh a bit. Newcastle Nut Browns help too.

On another note, it was rad to see my boy Matt Opp in Velonews. He's JHK's lead mechanic and a great friend. This is the guy who built all my CX bikes and wheels and for the length of a season would never require a wrench or truing tool. Sick mechanic. Surgical. His details on his builds are personal from bar tape to cable routing. As a CX-er, he's got the nuances down as well. My Hugi/Open Pro Ceramics he built have never been trued.

More importantly, Matt is a slut for the white gloves and apparel so we get all giddy for this crap.

Anywhoo, gotta get better and stronger this week for Boulder Roubaix.

(Opp and JHK photo courtesy of VeloNews)