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Entries from April 15, 2007 - April 21, 2007


We took the SM3 TTT today at Haystack. More later as I am shattered, back in the sick hole, and waiting for pics.

The people you meet....

Whoever you are, I think you are my long lost sibling. Or, at a minimum, you enjoy potty humor as much as I do. Check out this Google query this guy (unless you're a rad chick who is searching for Boonen crapping his pants). There is hope on t his earth and people like us will join hands, talk poop, and laugh until we heal.

That boy's got skeeewz

Awesome photo sequence from that Tour de GA.

This Sven Nijs move reminds me of that bunny hop that Euskatel rider did in the 2003 the major crash that Levi broke his pelvis in on Stage 1. Can't find any pics of that but the vid is insane.


We've got a TT coming up this weekend. My lady's doing this as well....her first real road event! She did a triathlon last year and took like 8th out of like six hundred plus people. Ridiculous. She has no idea how strong...

I have zero TT equipment save a huge engine and my CX skin suit. We have 5 strong guys so should favor well. We'll see. I'll have to hang on for deal life with these guys and their Zipp discs, aero helmets and antler bars.

What ever happened to TT-ing like this?Elegance. If you can see video of Jacques, you'll be drop jawed. The guy never fought the bike. Totally fluid. Sick. I'm a helmet promotion freak, but man there is something about the photo above that makes you want to go and fly old school like that.

Boulder Roubaix pics

Local photographer D Moynihan has some phenomenal shots of the day. Please visit.

Rumor mill

I'll talk about my Boulder Roubaix debacle at some other point. Net:net: Ka-boom! and it's glaringly obviouls that one should not race and expect to be competitive after being sick for two weeks. It was a beautiful day though!

So my inside-the-peleton sources tell me some juicy tidbits. Look at these bikes (Hoste and Boonen's Paris Roubaix bikes). See any similarities?
My rumor mongers are indicating to me that Tommeke's Specialized is actually a custom Ridley. Truth? Dunno, but Mr. Boonen has been public about his dissatisfaction with the fit and they were scrambling with custom carbon molds for him (and Bettini) specifically. Who knows, but it makes for good Monday bike geek drama.