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Entries from May 13, 2007 - May 19, 2007

Early AM MTB Epic

So the fellas (The WB, Longman, Bobby Mounts, Matson, JFry and I) got our early AM MTB on today. I have the day off and could pull this off which was rad. 6AM start, home by 9:20 or so. My Polar jobby job recorded 35 or so miles, 4820 feet of climbing 6920 Feet of altitude average with a max out at 8700 feet. Ha! I felt it, boy.

The ride looked more or less like this but I did a crappy job on this new Map My Ride thing. (The ride can be linked to here. ):

The route essentially was...

  • down town (coffee...)
  • Boulder Creek Trail
  • Four Mile Canyon
  • Logan Mill Climb
  • Traverse to Mountain Pines
  • Sugarloaf climb
  • Switzerland to Switz North
  • to Gold Hill
  • to Sunshine
  • home in NoBo....
The throw-downs were happening. I was not a part of the waring. The homies are super fit and already in full swing on their assault on the Mountain States Cup goals. In my unbelievably bottomless suitcase of excuses, I get past Goal Hill and onto Sunshine and notice the chain sagging. I'm like WTF?? I get home and have a looksee and I'd gone the whole way on a fairly nicely seized rear XTR hub (note to self, never deviate from DT Hugi...). Anyohoo, I could not have hung on all those attacks with these studs, but would have made my trip a helluva lot easier! Some pics:

Run fer yer life!

Drum roll please: I went for a run today. For those that know me, they are laughing. I hate running. I spent from 5 to 20 years old playing soccer and told myself I'd never run again. Last time I 'went for a (real) run' was January 2006 I think. Freezing cold. My wife dragged me out and I basically almost ruptured my Achilles. So I got gun shy for like a year and decided not to risk it. It felt OK in cross last year with slight twinges of discomfort. So today, all's well it seemed...and drum roll again...I slightly enjoyed it. Maybe it is due to the sweet new iPod Shuffle I scored for myself on Mothers day. Ha! I got one for my lady and decided that the stuff she is gonna put on hers would not be copasetic to my fairly musically snobbish ears.

Today: Shiner was duly jammed. Haven't listened to this album in time ad infinitum. I can not tell you how this band rips...or ripped as they have split up and become The Life and Times. I saw them ages ago opening for Hum...another now defunct band I am in love with...and never looked back. If you ride or do anything that requires you to grit your teeth and you are serious about music that will motivate you (and are serious about music and the depth of composition), I recommend this album. If you are OK with be bopping to like Creed, please do not buy Shiner. These are some significantly talented artists. End snobbery rant.

Everything you never wanted to know....

.....about Floyd's case can be found here.

Rhino's in the mutha lovin house

Scored. Don't even want to use them. Just polish the cotton side walls:

Love for the mountain bike again

Early morning MTB today before work. Went out with J Fry, Bryan and Stu. Bryan and Stu could probably host their own comedy/reality TV series. Hilarious conversations. My legs were loaded from yesterday and I crept along up the big climbs until the fire in the engine got stoked a bit, but these guys had me in stitches talking of schemes and plans to raise capital for a new "anti-team", riding to races regardless of where they are on same bike, etc etc. Before I knew it we were at the top of some of these monster climbs and drilling it through single track still talking schemes...but trading paint in the corners. Fun.

We did Sunshine to Poorman's to 4 Mile to Logan Mill to Betasso and on home to NOBO. Perfect temps and perfectly tacky ground. I am running these new 2.0 Hutchinson's....bumping down from 2.1 WTB's and I am just not sure about them yet. They were horrible at first this AM hooking up but then I found a rhythm with them. I think ultimately they will be decent for STXC but will pre-ride them at the Research Center a bit to conform. Dialing in the tire pressure too will be something I have to play with.

Feeling light again

Family was in town this weekend and we all had quite a bit of fun. Took 90 year old grandma (who has more go-go juice that most 40 year olds) and the cousins and kids on Banjo Billy's which was a riot. Learned more about the Republic on this ride than I have since I moved here.

Mostly though I heard my cousins say I was lighter. Lighter in mood and in laughter which they hadn't seen in some time. That made me smile. Things are working. It seems like months of surliness if not years. It's easy to let things slip away and let the cancerous thoughts eat your brain and preoccupy your mood and your being. Business is business, family stress is there...and should be when you raise two active boys, trying to be a great athlete is a challenge at my age....but it's ALL OK....if you know you are a good person and you are doing the best you can. It's not OK when the cancer is deep. People speak of universal attraction. I speak of balance. The path to attraction is what you emanate and to emanate goodness and attract the type of people you want around you, the soul's got to be balanced and the frequency you have to be putting out is tuned to the same channel known by Labrador retrievers and their permanently wagging tails and good nature.

Riding for me after CX season this year...e.g. the early season 'training' in January Feb, March...was for me more like an anvil of anger dropping. My moods were black and everyone could just go spit. If you were not going at my pace, go ride elsewhere. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. I learned my lesson and that combined with everything else just forced the collapse. Immunities, starts to slip and the slope is hard to climb back up.

I listened. Am listening.

I sincerely want to make right....and am. Riding a bike is so much fun again it's maddening. I got goosebumps on my early morning MTB this AM. I wheelied for a block and a half. I was ripping like a kid on my GT Pro Performer. Having this balance and then heading into work carries through your voice, your commands, your doctrine. People hear this on many levels when it is clear and they turn and are motivated by you. More importantly it sends me into smiles when I get home and my kids don't ask me "Are you angry tonight, Daddy." That is wrong on so many levels it is unspeakable. They should expect what I expect and that is a clean mind coming in through the door from their daddy who wants to build legos, kiss his wife, tickle the boys and laugh.

Life is too short, and no one gets out alive at the end of this story anyways. Make it fun.

So, how was your day today, sunshine?


Finished up my first real work week of training with a Flagstaff/Magnolia climb fest. Flag is tough but Magnolia is an insult. For folks out there who do not know this climb, Google search the Mike Horgan Hill climb hosted by It is an impossibly long and steep mountain pass which starts from Canyon and goes straight up. It borders on ridiculous. Dragging my large carcass up that thing is insulting. I ended up climbing OK and within myself with another guy and the guy working with us this season. It was an OK test and I know what work needs to be done still, but was phenomenal to feel OK after all the sick. A good first week back to being a cyclist again.

Mom's day today and the b-fast in bed was duly made for my lady in addition to a surprise of an Apple iPod Shuffle for my running-crazy lady.