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Entries from July 27, 2008 - August 2, 2008


My logo, created for me by Ted's crew at Anthem Branding, has gone into the viral digi-sphere it seems. I saw this guys 'interpretation' on the CX Mag blog. Ha!

Funny to see, but semi-insulted that a sub-par beer would be in the shot.....

New Valmont Bike Park Bloggy blog!

We've got a gaggle of authors on this so you don't always need to hear my rants! Click on over to the VBP Blog! (click image below....)

Immortalize yourself in stone! Buy a brick for Valmont Bike Park!

IT IS REAL FOLKS!! The Valmont Bike Park is officially underway after a unanimous voting session by the Boulder City Council. The vibe surrounding the project is unbelievable and people are tremendously excited.

In fact, work has already begun! BMA and Parks and Rec staff are working with landscape architects to select a team of world class trail designers. Solicitations have literally come in from around the globe by well known trail architects to get involved in this project. As previously reported the park will offer SO MUCH to the off road cycling community such as...

• A UCI World Championship Cyclocross Race Course
• A BMX Jump Course
• A Pump Track
• Mountain Bike Skills Course
• Four Cross Track
• Singletrack Trails
• Progressive Challenge - For the Entire Family!

All this said, we want to make this park WORLD CLASS and build all the special features you desire for the ultimate experience. While we have funding coming in from the City of Boulder, the Valmont Bike Park Committe is also working with Go Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) for a grant of $200,000! This will get us further in completing the whole vision but your donations will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

For the indiviual contributor, the Valmont Bike Park Committee is going Northern European:


The Comittee is offering a Buy a Brick Campaign! You as an individual, your family, your team...even your company can become immortalized in stone with an inscribed brick placed in a special area of the park...likely to be near the circuits start/finish complex. Just envision your cross race in Boulder starting and finishing in a mad sprint across pave'. SWEET!

Click on the Buy A Brick image above and it will take you to the page to quickly learn about all the options you have to help financially support this cause. Out of the gate today, donations are rapidly approaching $10,000! Amazing support already from the community.

Donations can start as low as $25!! But to make it fun, there are all types of sponsorship opportunities you as an individual or your organization/company can get involved with:

Contribution Options:
• $25 Valmont Supporter- Keep me in the loop!
• $50 Fat Tire Society- Single track in Boulder? Sign me up!
• $100 SwitchBack Member- Engraved Individual Brick* (includes 1 year BMA individual membership)
• $250 CycloCross Founder– Engraved Medium Brick* (includes 1 year BMA individual membership)
• $500 Big Ring Society– Engraved Large Brick* (includes 1 year BMA individual membership)
• $1,000 Top of the Podium– Engraved XL Brick* (with your company logo or a personalized message and 1 year BMA individual membership)
• Other - Fill in a random amount you would like to contribute.

We have lofty goals for permanent structures to enhance the park experience. If you or your company wants to be more involved, we are looking for donations to construct the following.

• Podium $2,500
• Belgian Run-Up $5,000
• Pump Track $25,000
• Event Registration Shelter $25,000
• Tot Lot Play Ground $50,000

We really appreciate any financial or volunteer support you can contribute.

Click HERE to learn more about ways to get involved.

It's happening!!!

'Cross on.

What will you say?

I can't get it out of my head. As I spun it out today after my ride with Dubba getting our cross juices flowing it came across my iPod....

Mother dear, the world's gone cold
No one cares about love anymore

Jeff Buckley WAILING away on this rarely heard song. All about hard core realizations about place on earth; place in and around your loved ones. Heavy duty stuff. But alas...

I'm thinking the Tour. My love for the sport....

Does anyone care about the Tour any more? I love it with everything I've got, but this year will have to be it for me. It was this mental line in the sand I've drawn.

I resisted....but got caught up at the end. Only when I heard Carlos may be close did I jump back in and listen. All due props and respect to Christian and the, ah Garmin...boys mind you, but there's something about Carlos that I feel is transparent and at the core good.

Make it so. Don't let me hear of a Floyd-like post podium debacle, Carlos. Allow my lady and I to go and see it next year as I become SUPER FAN on the slopes of some God-forsaken hill in France or Italy or Spain (wherever the sickness is to go down). I did get a vibe that the peloton is now self regulating. Identifying the p.o.s.'s out there and throwing upon them the due cross hairs. That boy and girl of yours, Carlos, on the podium: never let them doubt you. Never let them tilt their heads sideways and say 'huh?' What is doping, daddy? I think that the last time trial was real. Absolutely exhausted athletes who have not been able to myst-raculously recover in a night's time to drop the hammer upon the skulls of your nemeses.

My heart can't take this anymore...
What will you say?

Carlos, my friend. Ensure it is real.

Photo Credit: Graham Watson.