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Entries from August 3, 2008 - August 9, 2008


I'm in.
Thanks CG. It will be...blogged.

The Mud and Cowbells Online Store..NOW OPEN!

OK peeps, I've gone ahead an done it. Opened me up an on-line store! Honestly, the powers of the good 'ol inter-web made it super easy. I enabled a variety of things to be purchased from T's to mugs to hats to baby bibs. What I am attempting to do here is clearly not get rich...but provide another vehicle to go and push percentages of the proceeds of the products to the great causes going on around here...namely the Valmont Bike Park!

So PLEASE, feel good about yourself and buy a T or a hat or sweat shirt. know for once that you will be doing what you can from know matter where you live to help out some great programs. I'd like to eventually move this ball further by pouring proceeds to junior 'cross programs which I thought about ages ago.

So go ahead and click on the image below and surf on over to the store! Buy yourself an uber-sweet M & C product. Note that this could not have been possible without the combined efforts of Anthem Branding and Zach Lee of Commarts who contributed to helping me make this happen.


Looking ahead GOD it is almost here. The core of me is happy but it is still a distant friend to me these days who's come into town recently and made me so happy like in the old days, yet I know will vanish and cause me to long for the bond again.

This is going to be an interesting year. So, I've got to chart out my goals. I can not pretend to have the runway I made for myself last year. I've got to focus on priorities which are

  • Keep my family stoked.
  • Keep my employer stoked.
  • Keep my friends stoked.
  • Keep me stoked.
I am not sure if there is an order above but clearly family first. The employer bullet point has caused the three part teeter totter to bend and break. China, Russia, Australia, The UK, Germany and my micro 'bus trips' to SF are all on the docket this fall. Weeks at a time. Oh well. It is what it is.

So, where to pour the attention? It has to be laser focused and tight in scope. I am just not going to have the time this season. So, it's got to be: education. In other words pouring my love into teaching others about this sport of ours as mentioned. To this end, I'll be working with mi hombre Brandon Dwight this season on clinics and other evangelisms of the sport. More to come on this news in a week or so but the fact I can start looking newbies in the eye and get them so stoked on how they will improve week in and out is what will keep me sane. That is the juice. I want to trace the progress of a few folks and promote their accomplishments week in and out.

Time's a ticken peeps! Start your running and remounts! I'll be ruining the bell soon when class is in session.


Mike CONTINUES to get more press. This time on Cyclingnews for his trusty on-the-bike CNC machined beer opener, the WiseCracker. You know you want one. Buy it, fool.

Beaver Crick....

10,000 feet. Yup, it hurts when you're trying to male yourself hurt. And I tried to make myself hurt. And so....I hurt.

The fam and I were invited by our dear friends and neighbors up to their place in Edwards which is a small village near Beaver Creek. They basically hijacked us to take us away from the grind here these days and to get our minds off the blah. Awesome times were had. Kids all over the place playing and lots of solid beers sunk (side note: the Tommyknocker Imperial Nut Brown Ale is one of the finest Browns I've ever imbibed...Thanks Gord!).

Being up there, I decided to take advantage of the thin air so I rolled hard up through and in-between the epicness of Beaver Creek and Eagle Vail. It was delicious singletrack of the rooty-twisty-shit-eating-grin kind. While rolling, I had some nice moments of clarity thinking about this coming cross season. I'm as excited as ever for yet another season of the changing leaves. But I need to really think about what I want this year and temper it all with some serious reality. It's already SO different than last. But maybe there's some magic still left. We'll see be the time now is so limited but it is what it is. The thoughts kept coming into focus on needing to dedicate myself to educating this sport of ours. Teaching it as often and as widely as possible....and let my personal season come in its own form the way it will. At the end of the day, I'm tired of starving myself and waking up at 5:30! Ha! The goals will be outlined soon for what they will be, as will some announcements of other changes which I'm working on and I am excited about. A focus on ed-u-muh-ka-shun of 'cross and the whole lifestyle in and around it we live here. Teaching the sport to those falling in love with it and falling hard.

More soon. Maybe less now will be more. Bring it.