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Entries from August 17, 2008 - August 23, 2008

Making the more ways than one

Day 13...and the ribs are starting to feel a bit better, although I can feel the lowest one crunch around a bit. Yes, it is absolutely disturbing to feel that. 4-6 weeks says the doc. I did not ask for what that means so I may be seen doing the secret training...

But enough of that. I've been through annoying injuries before and I'll bounce back. But I am bummed as I've been champing at the bit to talk about this coming cross season and all the exciting stuff that is taking shape. It's been a glimmer of fun for me to distract my mind with in a summer of absolute heartfelt agony.

So, without further adieu, what *is* going on this season? I guess it is all rooted in Belgium where Brandon and I talked deeply about the BCS CX team...and creating a 'cross-specific team in general....and what could be done with it. Mainly it centered around pure passion for the sport and how we love it deeply...and how folks really seem to be falling in love like we have been. But, the interesting thing is, with all these people...and MANY first time adults....pouring into the sport, how are they learning what to do? Are they enjoying themselves? Who is 'coaching' them...when we all know SO many adults are too shy or 'don't have the time' to get taught. Who is teaching the the basics? The history? The technology?

By ALL definitions, people need BIKE PRACTICE <--and yes I'm quoting Tim.

Literally, the fundamentals need to be taught to those flooding into the sport. There is no difference between the type of repetitive motions a baseball player needs to go through to perfect, say, bunting, than that of a 'crosser's needs...say, porting or re-mounting. Over and over and over and over again the motion of properly sliding back on the bike (note I did not say JUMP back on the bike) need to be taught in fine detail. So, the lessons, skills, techniques, etc will be taught to them to help ensure their entire experience with the sport is super fun and allow them a path to continually see improvement. Joe Ball taught me...and you all have a story of a guy or gal who taught you. It's those experiences that seal the contagious spirit and make lifer's out of the newbies.

So with these thoughts in mind, and finally coming out of "the summer I want to forget", I'm proud to say that made the leap to hook up with Dubba for this coming season as BCS team rider and cross 'evangelist'. My family of compadres at Rockymounts are all in support of the concept and the move and the need for me to focus my time on this, which is so close to my heart.

So, what is at the core of all this? I can net it out this way:

  • The BCS Cross Team is all cross...all the time.
  • The team's focus is pure evangelism for the sport we love and passing that spirit on to folks of all abilities and all ages.
  • Education will be my primary focus this season. Teaching and involving myself in clinics....and with much as possible, wherever and whenever possible.
I'm psyched...even with my ribs keeping me up at night.

So with this move to BCS and teaming up with Dubba, there'll be new colors and new equipment to rely on....and as many of you know, I am pretty obsessive about my bikes and a Class A snob for knowing what I like...and what I don't like. So, I wanted to send a shout out to those who believe in this old crippled guy (who cries like a baby....).

Boulder Cycle Sport: Brandon and most importantly the boys at the shop....Dwayne, Mike, Coleman, Evan and Jeremiah have been there for me non stop no matter what uniform I wear for years. With my crazy schedule, these guys dial in my bikes and genuinely care about the quality of my ride, and for that I am grateful. It has made all the difference these years.

TRP Brakes: I have gone on and on and on and on and on about these unbelievable pieces of cyclocross art. All my bikes will be equipped with TRP stoppers...the EuroX Carbon and EuroX Magnesiums. This is a company that HAS LISTENED to 'crossers and delivered on all the little nuances such as toe-in, micro adjustments pad width, pad name it. They did NOT just replicate an ancient version of old mountain bike or touring cantilever design. Perfection. Especially for stopping a carcass like mine.
The very fine folks at SRAM have enabled me to ride INCREDIBLE product: Their Red and Force groups. When I saw Brandon installing these at the beginning of last season. I got all wobbly knee'd. I lusted the lever design and knew it would be a PERFECT application for 'cross. No cables to get in the way when porting (the way I do), simplicity and tightness in all made sense. Funny that Tim Johnson won the Nationals with his Red group....and Brandon the Master National stars and bars with his Force group. I am stoked to have made the leap!

There are so many other folks making huge commitments to this team...and the sport in general....that I will take more time in future posts to highlight them as well. The folks above have truly shown faith in me and I am eternally grateful. I'm going to work my butt of and play catch up and do the best I can this season, but ultimately.....

...bring you a message of salvation! I'll be an evangelizin' fool

'Cross on, crossers.

A cyclo-crossin' family!

Awesome to see. Our best friends, the Balls, have outfitted the fam with the M& C love. This is the gentleman and my literal brother who is responsible for my 'cross addiction....having introduced me to how to REALLY train and what cross REALLY is many many years ago.

THANKS YOU GUYS! I am almost at my $100 in 'profit' I am planning on moving to the VPB!

You do it to yourself...

....You do. And that's what really hurts.

Up yours Thom.

Hotel room. SF. I am so nauseous I want to call my wife like a child would call out for his mom. I can't sleep. It feels like I am being squeezed around my stomach and chest with a vomitous death grip. God help me if I have to cough.

9 days. WTF. Lots of plans sullied. I need to listen and I am clearly not hearing.

The inexplicable lightness of being...a father.

You have more power at your fingertips than those dudes who sit in those high-tech chairs at NORAD with key codes and access to annihilating the world.

That is, if you are a parent.

We have massive responsibility to ensure these kids see a path through the junk that life seems to be laying in front of them these days. And no, I'm not going to posture here and say how to do it, what kids should have their brains planted with to 'turn the world around', what the 'right' method of parenting is. You are all doing a fine job I'm sure.

But man, what a responsibility. They want to be us. They observe and absorb everything. From the manners you display with the person taking your order at a restaurant to, in my case, how I have my Oakleys jammed in my helmet when I come home shattered from a ride. It's all the little details and they have the power to read those nuances more prolifically than you take them for.

And I love it. And I live for it. And I digress....

Enforced rest this week.....mercifully as I overcooked myself with Dubba, Von and Andy today on the undergoound Sunday cross ride. I am not healed. I am stupid. I literally had to take a nap for the pain was out of hand. Challenges are funny things, no? I seem to fabricate them for myself quite effectively. But I can not stand not being there. Always afraid of missing something....

But, again I digress.