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Entries from October 19, 2008 - October 25, 2008

It's a family affair!

You must believe me when I say this: In no way shape or form did I Jedi mind-trick my wife into doing what she's about to do tomorrow:

Race her first cross race!

SWEET!! She sprung it on me two weeks ago that she and her friend were 'just gonna do it'. Now, while my lady lives with likely the biggest cross geek of all time, this was very much her thing and honestly shows how powerful this whole sport is at hooking the innocent into its grip. The wave of growth this sport is reaching is clearly at its crest! Home makers and professionals alike are getting the bug. So good. So very good.

So before I made off on my trip to the UK this week, I set up a mini clinic for Amy and her friend Angie last weekend. We brought out the port-o-barriers and I gave them an hour's worth of the good stuff. Both these ladies rocked. Clearly they have some serious athletic talent, but after the instruction, they just got on with it inexplicably well. I've never seen anyone pick it up this fast. We did my basic 'intro to barriers' which breaks the process into three fairly easily learn-able chunks. And nothing is learned at high speed. All slow speed until the little nuances are felt, and then we crank up the speed once the comfort is there. The three pieces come together and we go full bore at the port o barriers to gain confidence Today, as you'll see, we upgraded to unmovable logs.

So, the evidence! Amy is ROCKING it. While I was away she practiced the barrier work skills by herself once, then we did these hot laps you see in the video along with a bit more instruction. All before the Boulder Res race tomorrow. Her first. I'm so proud of her...

from Gregory Keller on Vimeo.

And of course equally solid lap after lap. I made her get a bit cross-eyed so she could feel her body when it's gasping for air as you come into barriers. Mainly so she can know what to expect when you're under stress. But all she could say..."THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!"

Amy crossing 2 from Gregory Keller on Vimeo.

And clearly, this is a true family affair. My little groms were out in force tearing it up today.

Seamus and Mommy ripping from Gregory Keller on Vimeo.

I am so impressed and proud and in awe, I do not know what to say. My lady RIPS!!!

Ready to rumble. Watch out Katie. Here comes my lady!

Binge 'n purge

It's got to be this way...this level of here there here there here there here...

I long for stretches of dependable stability, but that is not in the radar for what seems like the long term when I see what is in front of me. Which is OK and often exciting when your core believes in it. So, as my broken record seems to keep skipping, the deck of the ship is tossing about again violently and it's going to have to be faced.

It all comes down to priorities. When you shut your eyes and envision what you want...what appears? Are you on the top of a podium? Is that podium your race? Your pile of gold? Your heap of beautiful memories? My young family as you all read is with me on my top step, at the top with me of everything when my eyes are closed tight and I'm envisioning....and driving to do what's right to achieve that. My 'cross helps me get out the demons and ensures that health and drive for everything I love and what's important keeps my mind sharp to remember how to stay focused on that vision. It's a model I repeat weekend after weekend teaching me...or reminding to continue driving. Acquiescence is the rule of the day which goes against my nature. I need to pull emotionally back and retreat from the fact that I am away for a week on end...or days in the middle of weeks...and that I can do only exactly what I can do. But I never, ever, categorically run or hide. I'd never compromise the core of the priorities I hold tight to when I see those I use as my example of what not to be continue to sweat and crumble and manipulate the slippery slope in such predictable and cliche'd fashion. So, for now, I pull back and smile and wait. Bottling it.

Home. Minutes away. I'll be home soon my family.

Photo by Blue Sky Velo's Ernest Schimpf

CrossVegas TV Program Broadcast Dates Announced

CrossVegas TV Program Broadcast Dates Announced

Premieres Saturday October 25th

October 20 (Boulder Colo.) Broadcast dates for the TV coverage of CrossVegas, the international cyclocross race held September 24th in Las Vegas, have been announced. The program airs on Altitude Sports and Entertainment Network.

Airdates and Times
Saturday October 25 2:00 p.m. MDT
Monday October 27 9:30 p.m. MDT
Sunday November 2 10:30 p.m. MST
Wednesday November 5 10:30 a.m. MST
Thursday November 6 2:30 a.m. MST
Thursday November 20 1:30 p.m. MST
Sunday November 23 6:30 a.m. MST

Viewers outside of Altitude’s 10 state region can find the program on DirecTV as well as Dish Network in select areas. Additional airings of CrossVegas will be available on other networks to be announced in the next few weeks.

6-time Emmy awarding winning producer Kent Gordis of Kent Gordis Productions produced the 30-minute program. Gordis is the owner/producer of Kent Gordis Productions, the leading producer of bicycle races on television in the U.S. His production credits include eight Olympic Games, six Tours de France and multiple other events.

In its second year CrossVegas has become a fixture on the U.S. cyclocross calendar attracting over 7,500 spectators to the stadium setting of Desert Breeze Soccer Complex in Las Vegas. Held in the evening under the stars, CrossVegas was won for a second year by Ryan Trebon of the U.S. after an exciting 60 minutes of racing that included multiple lead changes among a field of U.S and international stars including Lance Armstrong participating in his first race since announcing his return to competitive cycling.

The 40-minute women’s race was won by Katie Compton of the U.S. The former World Cyclocross silver medalist used her superior strength to pull away from a strong field that included Olympians from the recent Beijing Games.

About Altitude Sports and Entertainment Network

Altitude Sports & Entertainment is available in a 10-state region that includes all or parts of: Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah.

Select Altitude programming is available nationwide on Dish Network and DirecTV satellite services. Complete information at:

About Cross Partners LLC

Cross Partners LLC is a Boulder Colorado based group headed by Chris Grealish and Brook Watts that stages international cyclocross events including CrossVegas. The team has a combined 40 years experience creating and managing cyclocross events at every level. Complete information at:

Mark Woolcott's Xilinx Photos now available!

Mark Woolcott was out in force yesterday as well, with his bandoleer of cameras and light meters to capture all our saliva dripping mugs. Have a look at his gallery and buy some photos! Help out the photogs!!

Blue Sky Velo Xilinx Video

So my boy Dave Hixson was out there racing and then filming the action! He threw together a great video of the 35 Opens and 3's and we put it up on my Vimeo account. Lots of Boulder Cycle Sport and Rocky Mounts action! All in all great days for both the squads I must say!!

Check it:

BlueSky Velo Xilinx Classic from Gregory Keller on Vimeo.

Blue Sky Velo Xilinx photos: Rob O'Dea's collection

The PRO photographers were out in force yesterday! As he was last week, Rob O'Dea was out with his gaggle of cameras on random parts of the course popping strobes and catching your smiling mugs in full flight. Click the image below to take you to his collection of Cat 3, 4, Open Women and Open Men.