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Entries from November 9, 2008 - November 15, 2008

The Family is behind you, J'Rome

The one person who can rip your legs off any time of day, any time of year is sick my friends. This is the one person we all literally, not figuratively, look up to for so much inspiration. He guides us out of the shit more often than you know, and for me personally has influenced my career and spent the time helping guide me. And now it's time for us to do what we can to guide him as he gets up out of his life's saddle to crest this fairly sizable hill.

It's just another hill Jerome. You've crested plenty before. Plenty.

This beautiful vid was put together by Just Keith at the Boulder Cup. We all had "Get Well JC" taped to our stems that day. We hope you felt the energy JC. Just a little push from your domestiques.

We love you Jerome. Be well and your family is here waiting. Mostly to try and drop you.

Jerome Contro Day at Boulder Cup 2008 from Andrew Unkefer on Vimeo.

Final showdown: Boulder Racing No. 4!

Boulder Racing's last race in its four part series finishes up tomorrow with the fianl showdown at the Louisville Rec Center in Louisville CO. Brian Hludzinski, race promoter sent out this teaser for all to come and bring 'er tomorrow!

Hello Cyclocross racers and fans,

A few notes in regards to Saturday's Boulder Cyclocross Series race
#4 and Series Finals at Louisville Rec Center...

* Unfortunately we'll have sunny skies for Saturday, so no mud and no
* The Prize List is stacked with plenty of product from Boulder Cycle
Sport, Curve clothing, Moots, Ryders Eyewear and over $3,000 in cash.
* Overall results are up at BoulderRacing. com and the last race will
be double points. So if you are anywhere in the running for a good
overall result and have a decent finish you are sure to ride home
with some sweet prizes.
* Dave Towle will finally be in town along with Nat Ross, so the
dynamic duo will be on hand with mad lyrics.

* Dale's Pale Ale will be flowing with a free beer garden for ACA members.
* Tot Race - after last Saturday's successful kids race at Chatfield,
we were inspired and begged by the kids to do another one. We'll have
an impromptu tot race course setup in the infield with some fun
teeter-totters for the small riders. Race at Noon so bring the kids.
Also, the new playground is up and running, so it should be a good
time for the little ones.
* Valmont Bike Park - Come take a look at what's in store for the new
Boulder bike park and any donations made at the race will be matched
by Boulder racing up to $500 - NPR style.
* Since we've all had our share of goatheads this year at non BR
races ;) we added a rescue kit to our prize packs and primes - tubes
with removable stems and bottles of sealant. Be sure to keep an ear
open for these necessity giveaways

A few logistical notes -
* Course marking - we'll have a preliminary course marked with
orange flags on Friday evening so the early morning master racers
will know exactly where they are racing while we are finishing setup
in the am.
* Extra parking is available a little farther past the Recreation
on Via Apia Drive at the Christ the Servant Church, please no
rigs and trailers there.

See you there,
www.BoulderRacing. com

All the news that's fit to print....

I guess having your sport covered in the NYT means you've made it. Big time.

Blood, Muddy Courses and Air Horns

Published: November 12, 2008
Overnight, Centennial Park in Toronto turned into a maze of caution tape, orange pylons and wooden planks. As the sun grew higher in the sky, burning off the morning frost, cyclists began circling the park, riding through the maze, which was their course, and jumping the planks, like runners flying over hurdles in a steeplechase. They ran up the hills with their bikes on their shoulders, and maneuvered them cautiously yet quickly through the technical sections of wet grass, rooted woods and mud. For an hour they raced, sweating and panting, going as fast as possible without, almost inevitably, crashing.

Continue reading the NYT article here....

Something white sex this way comes

Oh God. Sourced. Just in time for mud season.


Occupy thier hearts and minds. Or Get 'em while they're young

It's growing. Can you feel it? 1500 racers in PDX on any given weekend. 80+ people on a training ride in Boulder on a Wednesday AM. It's a wave that is growing. If you love it like I know you do, give back! Bring a kid to a 'cross race! Let 'em get muddy! Walk the course with them while drinking a hot cocoa!

It's happening here in San Francisco...

And here in Boulder...

The Boulder kids clinic above I reported upon earlier and took place yesterday on their Veteran's Day off from school. Ghris Grealish's DBC guys were there as were all of Ben turner's CLIF Bar team. Amazing.

What are you doing to help the sport?? Give a clinic. Or keep taking them to learn more to teach others down the road. Take your neighbor to a local race. Help set up or take down the course as a volunteer.

It's growing!


I'm still lusting this past Saturday's course. All twisty it was. You lean over and let the tires bite. Bend them into the trail side as the cotton sidewalls do their job and flex keeping your rubber contacting the dirt. Let the treads chew into the earth. No washing. Constant pedal pressure as you apex through up over and around trees. Railing. Flow.

There's no better feeling in biking.

This upcoming weekend is Boulder Racing's final race in Louisville. We're past the mid way point and as I said so long ago, I'm am smiling. No goals, just flow. Faster hopefully each race. Every one cleaner than the last. That is an incredibly tough thing to OK, I do have goals. Cleaner. Improve. Flow better. Stay on top of the pedal stroke. Be supple. Spin faster. Hands stay on hoods. Head never drops. Every barrier cleaned. Every port perfect and smooth.

OK: now I am starting to sound like Private Pyle describing how cleans and reassembles his M-14.

The training went well to day at the lunchtime ride. Pete Webber and I pile drove each other into the ground on 'Dubba's Course'. More tomorrow. Then rest.

When is a 37 year old supposed to get tired of all this and go dormant.

Never methinks.