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Entries from January 11, 2009 - January 17, 2009

What the?

January. Time for winter parkas, gloves and layers. 62 degrees? What the?! Yup in deed we are having a pretty unbelievable spell here in zee republic. I got hot on my Carter Lake run today and had to jettison the leg and arm warmers. Paradise.

I got the roadie completely re-dialed by Dwayne at BCS. For not riding it n nearly a full calendar year, it was awesome to be back on it. You forget the speeds you can maintain out on the open roads. I set it up absolutely identically to my 'cross position, slightly modifying the position Todd Carver set up for me. More forward and aggressive and it felt infinitely better. Todd got rid of the pain...and I think this subtle tweak will see me happier as well. The Belgian bike fit gurus would likely scoff (with their 140mm stems and laid back seats) but it felt like a whole new and better bike. I also jettisoned the Ritchey Streem flat top bars (bunk, IMHO) and went for the carbon version of what I am using on my 'cross bikes: The Ritchey WCS Classic. Such an incredible feel in those bars.
And so the long distance stuff begins. 3.5 hours today with a re-loop of the Carter backside climb and I felt fantastic. I need to seriously burn some of this weight off and re-develop some of that slow twitch again.

Is spring here?

Dalbey Foundation Grant to VBP Funds Children's Cycling!

For Immediate Release

January 14, 2009


Mike Eubank, BMA Valmont Bike Park Committee


Paul Bousquet, city of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department


Local cyclist funds children’s cycling education at Valmont City Park

BOULDER, CO: Teaching kids to ride a bike will soon get a little easier in Boulder, thanks to a $50,000 grant from the Dalbey Foundation. The grant will be used to add educational features to the bike park slated for construction at Valmont City Park later this year. “This donation benefits Valmont Bike Park by enhancing facilities to help children and families learn how to ride safely and experience the rush of singletrack biking, dirt jumping, and cyclocross racing. So far over 400 members of the community have donated $115,000 in a new model for cooperation between the City of Boulder and its citizens. The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is energized by the community's outpouring of volunteerism and financial support for the Bike Park,” said Christopher "Botsy" Phillips, President of the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance.

DalbeyFoundation update nov 2008-logoFounded in 2005 by local entrepreneur and former competitive cyclist, Russ Dalbey, the Dalbey Foundation is the charitable arm of Dalbey Education, Dalbey’s successful business headquartered in Westminster, CO. The Dalbey Foundation's mission is to support efforts in the community that provide people of all ages with the tools and education to improve their lives, their emotional, physical and spiritual health, and in turn improve the overall lives of others. To find out more about The Dalbey Foundation, a 501(c)(3), visit

According to Dalbey Foundation spokesperson Susannah Christy, “The opportunity to invest in Valmont Bike Park was a natural fit for the Dalbey family. The project promotes everything they care about – families and children, education, health and fitness – in this case, promoting health and fitness through cycling. We are so excited to be part of this project and the opportunity to collaborate with the city of Boulder.”

The Valmont Bike Park Committee, a volunteer-led committee of local advocacy organization Boulder MountainBike Alliance, secured the grant. Fundraising efforts for the park have been led by volunteer and local cycling enthusiast Bobby Noyes, owner of Rocky Mounts. “Reaching out to Russ and inviting him to share in the development of this project seemed like such a natural fit,” says Noyes. “He’s passionate about the sport and finding ways to encourage kids to take up cycling.”

The bike park is one of several features planned for the 200-acre Valmont City Park, located at the intersection of Valmont and Airport Roads. Valmont City Park will be a phased Parks and Recreation Department development project scheduled to begin in 2009. Phase one of the park includes the development of a multi-discipline cycling park with a vast array of trail networks and cycling elements as well as an 18-hole disc golf course. To date, the Boulder MountainBike Alliance has raised over $112,000 to help fund enhanced features and ongoing maintenance of the bike park.

To learn more about Valmont City Park, contact Paul Bousquet, Marketing and Communications Manager for Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department at 303-413-7239 or visit To donate to or volunteer for Boulder MountainBike Alliance, please visit or contact Mike Eubank at

About Dalbey Education, Dalbey Education provides products and services focused on creating entrepreneurial success through mentor-based education and support. Headquartered in Westminster, Colorado, Dalbey Education has a team of over 275 employees and has provided educational products and support to more than 500,000 students since its inception in 1995. For more information, visit

Movin', shakin', payin' the bills....

Sorry for the radio silence! Pretty busy getting me executive thing on at my company's annual kickoff. Exactly a year ago I was preparing to leave for Za Trip and the company made a touching an hilarious gesture to wish me well on the journey. (I can't believe it was a YEAR AGO!) This year I was back to do my thing and talk to the company about their opportunities even in this current restrained market.

I'm trying to do anything but ride these days....lots of running to keep the coals somewhat warm, but not too hot. Ironically, off season and eating is the toughest. You can't gorge yourself and I am trying to balance lack of activity with reduced calories, complex carbs, etc etc. Tougher than you think!

Za Trip 2 is starting to take shape. Plans being developed and I think will see some new and exciting 'Za Trip' team members. Stay tuned!

One tough BK parcours

Check out the pics from the BK course recon yesterday. Tough, tough, tough. Still looking to see if it is being carried live. VT4 does not seem to be streaming it today. French championships being played LIVE right now (7:55AM MST)