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Entries from February 1, 2009 - February 7, 2009

Zondag: de superprestige Hoogstraten hier live

Set your alarm clocks for tomorrow's SP at Hoogstraten. Race is at 2:30PM in Belgie-land and is 8 hours time difference from MST. So do the math for your region...

Something's stretching in the basement....

...waiting to be glued and ridden. When is 'cross season?

The latest trail map for VBP is ready for your eyes!

Have a looky-loo at the latest version of the trail map and race course concept. Things may still change but this should give you a pretty good feeling of what's coming.

VBP Park Map 8.5x11


My main man Joe Sales is back from Za Motherland after an extensive photojournalism trip covering all the major races from Roubaix to Milan to the Master's Worlds in Mol. He sent me a mail today after he filtered through some of his old shots from 2008 and along with it this photo. THANK YOU JOE! What a great way to remember CrossVegas.
Have a look at his gallery or the photo updates he did on CXMag.

TRP Provides the Shaved-Speed-Need at Hoogie

OK, now: you tell me. What brakes shaved speed for MORE folks who made the podium this weekend in Hoogerheide? TRP. That's who. My main man Lance from TRP compiled their team riders who ended up on the podium at this weekend's WK's and it is impressive...

Elite Men

  1. Niels Albert, Belgium, TRP Brakes (EuroX Magnesium)
  2. Zdenek Stybar, Czech Republic
  3. Sven Nys, Belgium, TRP Brakes (EuroX Carbon)

Elite Women
  1. Marianne Vos, Holland, TRP Brakes (EuroX Carbon)
  2. Hanka Kupfernagel, Germany, TRP Brakes (EuroX Magnesium)
  3. Katie Compton, USA, TRP Brakes (EuroX Magnesium)
Under 23 Men
  1. Philip Walsleben, Germany, TRP Brakes (EuroX Carbon)
  2. Christph Pfingsten Germany, TRP Brakes (CR950)
  3. Pawel Szczepaniak, Poland
Junior Men
  1. Tijmen Eising, Holland, TRP Brakes (EuroX Alloy)
  2. Corne Van Kessel, Holland, TRP Brakes (EuroX Alloy)
  3. Alexandre Billion, France



At the expense of an ad: What's stopping YOU?? That is pretty incredible.


(I am re-casting this from my post on the VBP blog)

Our main man Pete Webber was on the scene at the Park yesterday and behold...DIRT IS BEING DELIVERED!! His report:

Oh yes. Progress at the Valmont Bike Park in the shape of growing
stockpiles of fresh dirt. The dirt is being delivered free of charge
from various construction sites around town.

IMG_4993They've got dirt to get
rid of after digging basements, and we need hundreds of truck loads
to enhance the terrain at Valmont. The dirt shown in these photos
will be used to to pump up the bike terrain in the flat southeast
zone, as well as to shape the land around the dog park, steel 
building, and parking lot.

IMG_4998_2W e love dirt, and we love real tangible


And don't forget: Bikes Belong has agreed to match up to $10,000 in
funds raised from individuals by this Friday Feb. 6 dollar for
dollar. If you haven't donated yet, now is an excellent time to do so
- you'll have twice the impact.