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Entries from March 15, 2009 - March 21, 2009

Moab....and no bikes. Huh?

bbarbloggin I am jamming home from three intense days of work in my company's Scott's Vally (CA) office putting on an online conference. It was literally like trying to manage an air traffic control room by myself...but cool to see all these sick technologists believe in me and this conference when I sold 'em on the idea and they ALL followed through. The spent their time and talents to create some sick content and participated in the fracas. Anywhoo, it was rad, I'm tired and I'm flying home...but blogging from the bar, babies! Ha!moabhalf

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, more importantly is my lady. My Amy. My love. This weekend is her first 1/2 marathon in scenic Moab Utah! I get in tonight super late tonight and we're on the road for 6 hours in the AM to get to the race. She's doing the Moab 1/2, a super well known and well supported 1/2 marathon. Her first, but a target for many many athletes in their running seasons. I'll be ready with cowbells and camera and will be pumping up the boys to cheer their mom on. We'll hook up the amazing sites in the area as well like Canyon lands, Arches, etc. Pics and stories to come.

Which leads me back to my Amy. She's pumped for her event and has trained super well for this. Given all the flak that flies around her face...most of which would distract any lesser person from focusing on training, diet, etc and they'd have left the goal long ago....she f-ing did it! She peaked well and rested even harder this week and is going to SMASH her goals I feel. Anyways, it's super rad to see and inspiring and semi-jealousy creating. When is cross season?? I can't wait to get laser focused on those  goals again. Till the, I'll tilt back this martini....and enjoy.

On waiting. And being a father.

What it is about brothers? I want to know. I study my boys so intensely...but they will never know why or the anguish and sadness I feel to the depth of my soul as I watch their relationship blossom. Jealousy? Nah. An anguish rages through me like some sort of chemical storm rushing through my veins as I watch the beauty of their relationship grow. But the anger and anguish I feel is obviously not for these sweet boys. The feeling is, however, culminated in an electrified stare through my eyes as I see what they have and the conditions in which they their relationship.

I methodically observe and study them as it's important...and I watch their bond grow not in the manner of a rubber-necker looking at a the way two people in love kiss when said rubber-necker has been burned burned burned. No. Not like that. I continue to watch in admiration as it's beautiful and SO important due to the natural and healthy course two brothers can take in growing mutual respect while having each other in their lives for the rest of their lives. It's so important for Amy and I to influence something healthy and beautiful between these amazing little people.  We sweat those details more than you know. So the days play each other out and while Amy and I rant to each other over the nonsense on some days, but we know less than discreetly that we want time to stand still even while the fireworks are going off between two little hot heads. We want it to stay this exactly this way....forever. We want the days to be just like these as the "obvious" things are seen...


The relating: You, know, you look like mommy and I look like daddy. Yeah, I look like daddy. But you don't look like daddy. But I do.

The playing: No way! Your rocket didn't hit me! It flew right by my jet! You did NOT blow me up!

The loving: I want you to sleep in my room with me tonight ! I am not scared or anything, but want you to be in my room tonight.

And so, I observe this. And I love it and relish hearing what I hear and what I see....

"Don't worry, it will come," she said as the days ticked away over the summer break before 5th grade would begin. Mom promised this to me with everything she had in her 'mom powers' to console a son who'd been shined. Months prior his brother of 13 years difference left for his first deployment and before he left promised me contact. That's all the little brother wanted. It was clear in his leaving that he was moving away from the family in more senses of the word that can be conveyed here.....with every step up the ladder of his military career. He promised his little brother he'd send some 'real army equipment' that his litter brother would wear and be exactly like him. It was inevitable: he would follow in the footsteps of his big brother because his brother was...everything. Every single solitary thing a child growing in the 70's could want. An extension of John Wayne from the movies little brother and dad would watch together after mowing lawns on incredibly hot and humid days in Connecticut. He was an extension of the Catholic Church and what it meant to me as a boy and how a man is supposed to live with virtue...and with a sword if required to re-enforce this virtue. A man creating a family like we had. A man defending us like I simply thought I needed to do.

The package came but it was anti-climactic. To this day I will never know if the parents berated the bigger brother into 'following through' to appease the little brother's obsessiveness with his bigger brother or if this bigger brother had a natural compulsion to send the olive green utility belt and the rubber canteen to his little 'bro'.

Ah, fuck it. It's irrelevant. I refuse to burn another brain cell on it.

Now, I watch MY two little characters grow. My beautiful young men blossom. Teaching them to appreciate the nuances of their sibling in a way that is not forceful, but in some sense not unlike trying to 'assist' someone with why a certain song is great. And while we know that is not always a fruitful endeavor, it is still a way to continue re-enforcing subtly that there's beauty in everything. EVERYTHING...





Forever side by side

For me, I will never have the opportunity I see my sons have at their life's portal. But, the magic is the way I feel about applying what I thought I could have into ensuring my sons actually have it.

I pray they haze me when we're all old and call me out on my ridculousness. And I'll laugh, as one of them has their head on my chest when I pass, at the joy we had.

The epics continue: Round 4, Jefferson County's play ground

Worked. That word is essentially it....describing my body perfectly at this moment. But reflecting on the day today, smiles. What an UNBELIEVABLE epic. A true'n. 6 hours and 15 minutes with probably ~20 minutes of that pause/flat fix time. We were rolling for sure. Just north of 7,000 feet of climbing. Today we shifted the party Golden/Morrison to the magical trails of Jefferson County. The extent of my JeffCo mountain biking had essentially been White Ranch, but today the boys exposed me...and quite a few of us, to the REAL JeffCo. Mad wooded singletrack. Technical features you have dreams about and plenty of options to hook up all these trail systems fairly easily. Today's menu featured (in roughly this order):

  • Parking at Mathew Winters
  • Chimney Gulch
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Apex
  • Back through Mathew Winters
  • Climb Mount Falcon
  • Rail Lair of the Bear
  • Climb back through Red Rock Ampitheater
  • Finish up back through Mathew Winters

You can find a collection of these trail reviews here.

All the boys came home Bobby with a run in with a dog...and the equipment pretty munched hummed. Although....I got a flat which was rare for my Bontrager Jones AC 29'er tires and I think I fried the bearings in my Mavic Cross Max 29'er wheels. Terrible sounds coming out from the hub so I've got to replace those bearings...


As usual I was able to grab a few pic. I've been asked: Why don't you take any more action shots? Dude: We are ROLLING and rolling fast so there's no time! You've got to ride the trails to believe it...

Here's the boys. Click on the image to go to the Flickr site to see 'em all.