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Entries from July 26, 2009 - August 1, 2009

Schlamm’s CrossVegas Store is Open!

Simon, you are a man after my own wardrobe tastes. I love this:

Snowman-white CrossVegas slogan T;  match your white TRP canti’s, white Sidi’s,  white Fi’zi:k and white bar wrap with a classic white T. Yep, we know that you really are that shallow.

T Shirt White Men's - $20

See the white sex t-shirt and all the other Schlamm-sponsored CrossVegas schwag on

CrossVegas 2009 | Get ready to rumble!

Rad video teaser created by up CU Grad Katie O’Block…film guru and short track terror!

Dream Wrangling | Thinking Cross

Photo: Thirty eight. Years passed and stuff learned. And yet I never felt younger. Should it come, I'd be satisfied. Failing it coming, I can look forward with wide eyes and determined nerves. Happy.

I crave it, year after year. The changing of the leaves, the donning of fleece, the running of thinner knobbier rubber...and yet Colorado makes it difficult to envision the season of the changing leaves with it's desert like surroundings. The rain pours today like it has for days and it's green. All green. And wet. And Belgium...and I slip back to Mol...

I watched my Rhino rip into the peat-like earth. I brought the tire back to its place of birth. And while I should have been watching the bends in the lush singletrack they call a 'cross course, I couldn't help but look down and watch as the cotton casing and the perfectly pliable rubber bent and molded to the earth, sending small wakes of peat into the air as I turned the wheel left and right. Perfect. God's good earth given to us to race on.

Ned reminded me of this last night with Whit-J and Dubba. After work frolics to blow the tubes out on soil that should have been dusty and hard. Instead, our 29" wheels and tires dug into the earth in the same manner, getting me stoked for the season to come.

We're here. What did you do to get ready for cross? Years ago I would have said intervals or barrier work or suffer or...well, honestly anything naive. And now...simply....carve. Just let the tires do the work and smile.

Cyclocross for Kids! | Bike building for the Boulder Valley School District

Yet another reason why I live in Boulder. I got together with a phenomenal group of volunteers at Boulder Cycle Sport Monday night to assemble a fleet of Redline cyclocross bikes for the Boulder Valley School District. I was able to communicate with Mike Eubank, one of the principal organizers of this fantastic efforts. I asked him to describe the program in the hope that others may be able to spur similar events in your ‘hoods.

Mike Eubank:

These bikes were purchased using mostly BVSD Safe Routes to School Funds and a few other donations.  This new bike fleet will be used for two critical junior cycling programs…

The first is the “BLAST” program for elementary aged youth. “Bike Lesson And Safety Training” (BLAST)
This program is a basic walk-bike safety class for students to gain an understanding of how to safely operate a bicycle in a variety of situations.  It covers topics such as learning how to perform a bicycle safety check, fixing a flat, rules of the road, and on-bike skills practice.   Riding predictably and being visible are the mains themes towards gaining knowledge of riding safely and legally.

The second is “Middle Cross” Program for 6th - 8th graders

Our goal is to expand junior cycling as a sport for fun and fitness with new and existing Bike Club Development at area Middle Schools with the option to participate in Cyclocross races at schools as well as local series.

About 5-7 BVSD middle schools (and possibly a couple private schools) with bike clubs will offer club rides once a week after school.  These programs are casual and encourage all to participate at any skill level.

We will also offer free Cyclocross clinics for each school through Ben Turner and his highly accredited Boulder Based TIAA-Cref/Clif Bar cross team.  After each clinic, we will work on matching up an actual Cyclocross mentor for each club so that they can continue developing skills.  Clubs will also add teacher and parent volunteers to help with weekly rides.

We will also offer a few open scrimmages at some schools, including full race courses set up at on school grounds for fun and skill development.  This ‘Fun’ competition will be open to all skill levels. The new Bike Fleet will be available at the clinics as well as the scrimmages so that anyone can participate, ,regardless if the have a bike or not.   Each of the schools will have a bike shop sponsor and we are trying to provide tee shirts to the club riders to help promote the program at school.  Riders will also wear the tee at the events to show support for their school club.

For young riders interested in trying local racing, we will direct them to a number of local races that are free for Junior categories while also offering onsite support and coaching.

    - Boulder Racing Series

    - Boulder Cup

    - Junior State Championships

Thanks Mike!!!!

Boulder ‘Crossers: Working Man’s Wednesday Worlds?

Boulder ‘crossers: I’ve been pinged quite a few times over the years about a ‘working man’s’ edition of the Wednesday Worlds training sessions. I’m curious to know who’d be in to having some training from 6:30 or 7 to 8:30 or so…pre-work…to ensure those with the 9-5’er type jobs can get their group-based efforts in.

If this is something that is appealing, drop me a line to the mudandcowbels at g mail address to let me know your thoughts. I’m thinking about this as we move quickly into the season ramp up period.


‘Cross on.

CrossVegas 2009 | August 1st Registration!

My brother from another mother, Brook Watts, sent me all the new goodness regarding CrossVegas for 2009! Registration opens August 1st!

Also, check out the new CrossVegas website! New resources for you to make it easier to get juiced up for the spectacle. I am amped for this year’s edition. Maybe I’ll have another Lance encounter this year like last and try and give him some on the bike instruction on how to remount. Or maybe not.

Bring it.

NEWS RELEASE           CrossVegas Registration Opens August 1

July 26  (Boulder Colo.)  The rush is on for entry into the biggest cyclocross race in the U.S.  CrossVegas registration opens on August 1st at Noon Eastern Time for all categories.  Categories include Elite Men, Elite Women and the Wheelers & Dealers presented by Mountain Bike Magazine race for bicycle industry members attending Interbike.

The 2009 edition of CrossVegas is scheduled Wednesday Sept. 23rd in Las Vegas following the first day of the Interbike show. Heading into its third year, CrossVegas has become a fixture on the U.S. cyclocross calendar attracting almost 10,000 spectators to the stadium setting of Desert Breeze Soccer Complex in Las Vegas.

Exclusive online registration is at  Registration is limited for each category to 100 racers and is expected to fill rapidly.

In addition to competitor registration will offer general admission ticket sales for the event.  An admission of $8 per person has been created this year to cover the expense of fencing mandated by park authorities.  “We’re victims of our own success,” explained CrossVegas co-promoter Brook Watts. “There have been serious traffic hazards created by fans parking in adjacent businesses and jaywalking major thoroughfares. As a result the fencing was required to mitigate the traffic issues as well as control fans hauling in prohibited beverages.”

Food and beverages sales, including beer, are available at CrossVegas beginning at 6:00 pm.  In addition, Interbike will again provide a free shuttle bus throughout the night from The Sands Convention Center.  “It’s the best bargain in Vegas,” explains Watts, “what else can you do in Las Vegas for eight bucks?”

Avoid the crowds at the gate and purchase tickets in advance for pick up at the Will Call window at the event or at the CrossVegas booth at Interbike. 

The Wheelers & Dealers presented by Mountain Bike Magazine offers divisions for Men, Women, Media, Manufacturer, Retailer, Distributor and Advocacy.  New this year will be Wheelers & Dealers number pickup at the CrossVegas booth at Interbike on Wednesday allowing racers a chance to avoid the rush at race time.  In addition, the Wheelers & Dealers start time has been bumped to 7:00 pm to give racers and fans more time to get to the event after the show ends.

CrossVegas 2009 promises a great show for racers and fans alike. “If you’ve been to CrossVegas you know what an incredible show it is.  If you’ve never been then you’ve got to come see the biggest race in the U.S. ” Watts concludes.

Complete information at:

About Cross Partners LLC

Cross Partners LLC is a Boulder Colorado based group headed by Chris Grealish and Brook Watts that stages international cyclocross events including CrossVegas.  The team has a combined 40 years experience creating and managing cyclocross events at every level. 

The 2010 TRP Euro X Magnesium | Sneak Peak

As if the sexiness of the 2010 Ridley X-nights wasn't enough, with its red highlights subtly making the white frame look even faster. Here's a little something my main man Lance from TRP wanted to show the Boulder Cycle Sport Cross team that is a comin'. The 2010 Euro X Magnesium's....white, with Red anodized hardware. Ha! Perfect match!

The 2010 will be essentially the same as 2009's launch of it's maddeningly light, 103g brake set. The magnesium and ti hardware combination still ensures the crazy-light weight and it still features its simple-to-swap cartridge system for pads (I swap my carbon-specific pads to my aluminum-specific ones super easily for training multiple times per week). Lastly, the now well known 'first production implementation' of the tool-less barrel adjustment system for micro-adjusting pad reach between your rims as you swap wheels is all standard equipment for the Euro X Mags.

Lust them. I am.