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Entries from September 12, 2010 - September 18, 2010

First test | Avid Shorty Ultimate Brakes

I created a little set of videos of my experiences wit the SRAM/Avid Shorty Ultimate cyclocross brake system. In a word: Sick. The video focuses on the very little muddling around I had to do to completely eliminate the significant chatter I experienced last season with different set-ups. Enjoy!

And the results...

The sport of the changing leaves…

The kind people at Bicycling Magazine added me to their October 2010 issue, an issue chock full of info about getting ready for cyclocross this season. They asked me a bunch of questions but this one blurb snuck its way to print…


The 2011 Ridley X-Fire | Back in black

Almost two years ago, Dubba and I were out on a ride, discussing all things cross (which is an every day occurrence and usually doesn’t even require a ride…) and we started talking bikes. “What brand do you think resonates with cross?” he asks. “What would you want to ride? Products that are absolutely cross-specific. No gimmicks.”

My answer was one word, two syllables:


And so, it was done. Boulder Cycle Sport engaged with QBP and the Ridley Brand and fairly quickly, ratcheted-up sales of cross bikes to passionate folks. Simply put, customers ‘got it’. They see the Ridley products and they ooze speed, agility, mud shedding…they ooze Belgium.

Last year the Boulder Cycle Sport Team rocked the X-Night, an amazing, awe inspiring piece of engineering, Internal/fully sealed cabling ensured I literally never changed my cabled the WHOLE season. The integrated seat mast kept things stuff and fast. See my posts here about the X-Night experience.

And so in this 2nd year of carrying the product, the Boulder Cycle Sport Cross Team has a yet again an amazing opportunity to race their 2011 X-Fire product. I’ve just got ‘er built up, so let me take you through the highlights:

  • All carbon frame and fork, roughly 1400 grams (mine is a 58)
  • Super stout 1-1/8 to 1-1/2” heat tube/FSA head set.This is a new change for the 2011 X-Fire taking on this attribute from it's sibling, the X-Night.
  • Traditional seat post (31.6) versus the seat mast the X-Nights have.
  • Replaceable rear drop out.

As for the grouppo, again, an amazing array of sponsors help the team with equipment to stand the absolute extremes we face during cross.


  • SRAM Red drive train including sealed RideOn cabling. We’ll be opting for 12/26 Force cassettes however due to their mud shedding abilities. 46/38 rings on the crank sets.
  • Avid Ultimate Shorty brakes. These are just so flipping amazing, I will devote a post for them specifically. Stay tuned.


Wheels are all personal choice for the Team, so I will use a mix of FSA RD 800 and 488’s with a blend of Dugast rubber. Mainly Typhoons but we have Rhinos as well this year for the badness should she come. And she will.

Here is the bike built up. Just about 17.5 lbs in my large/man sized bike. Enjoy. More reports as I get more saddle time and if you are my size, ask me to ride it!


Katie. She's more artist than anything. Details the bike with love.


The bike all built.


SRAM Red cockpit with Ritchey Classic bend bars.


SRAM Red cranks and my trusty Time ATAC pedals.


The engineering artworks themselves: SRAM/Avid Ultimate Shorty brakes (front)...


...and the rear brake.


K-Edge Chain watcher.

Massive mud clearence for our now '33c limit' tires (My 34 Rhinos fit just fine)



One extremely clean cockpit.