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Carrying on

OK, Day 3. Next week I get to understand if the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery wants to put some hardware in to help me heal. We'll see. Hip bone has a wee little piece floating around too. But it'll re-bind itself.

Honestly, I'm ready to push forward. I refuse to let this thing stop me...yet not with an idiotic eye towards getting on my bike sooner. I want to heal and get some sense of control back. I want to be able to raise both my hands above my head on Investor Day on August 5th...the culmination of TechStars which my partner and I have been working so hard for these past few months building our biz.

Funny days, these. Never to be forgotten. The Universe is prescribing my focus for me and I am indebted.

I put my t-shirt on all by myself today.


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