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Bring it.


I am not sure what age I am anymore. I do not know of old, or young. I only know of weak or strong. Every day I push. The pain searing through my clavicle and the fear I have that it will never be strong again pales in comparison to the drive I have to ensure that the life savings I am burning through every day to create our new business is successful.

Weak or strong.

Bring it. Just bring it all. Given all these challenges in my life (and I say that with the absolute realization that these challenges are mostly self inflicted...I am inspired by those with REAL challenges. But alas, these are mine...), I see so clearly why we 'cross. It's simply the hardest possible set of challenges you can put yourself through on any given Sunday. It's an interesting thing in that there is no respite from the chaos of life when you suit up, pin a number on, dial in tire pressure and line up with your friends...all of whom have the same challenges Monday through Friday. I don't golf for this very reason. I do flog myself for this very reason, however.

I'm not the fastest.

I am not the skinniest.

I am not the strongest.

But if you find yourself in front of me, you better not make any mistakes. I will stalk you. I will overtake you. I will not let you out of my clenched teeth. I will get up when I've fallen. I will not stop.

I will heal. I will continue to push on my business. I will continue to balance my life and ensure all sides get all of me. I will push myself back up now that I am face down in the mud.

Bring it.

Amazing photo by our Portland frineds at

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