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Bike fit

So much discussion about 'cross versus road fit. You can read a pretty lively discussion on this VeloNews article, which, I'll have to agree with Adam is pretty non-informative and potentially misleading to folks coming in to cross.

I'm not going to tell you how to get fit. You should absolutely see a professional to ensure you do not completely screw yourself up, yet the differences between your cross and road set ups should be demonstrable and designed to help you flow with the bike on a CROSS course (e.g., you're not a hill climb on pavement). For me, that means a seat height that is slightly lower and more forward than my road bike and bar position (specifically the hoods) higher for better control.  The combo of the seat position (lower/forward) and the hoods gets my body in a position that feels like it has me in a nimble position to get around the bike, yet sort of naturally enforces my elbows to be properly bent and back comfortable yet 'driving forward' to ensure I am getting power to the pedals consistently for 60 minutes (there is no coasting in, ah cross).

Anyways, while studying tapes last night, I saw this awesome example of positional dispariy between De Clercq, Nijs and Vervecken...three World Champions. You'll seen Sven looking very cross-classic...e.g. positionally high, Vervecken impossibly low....e.g., 'Euro Low' (seat way down and back lurched forward and finally De Clercq who is somewhere in between but with a road influence for sure.

Anyways, ensure you get a REAL fit this season to ratchet up your game!

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