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Cross Racing Week 9 | Scuttled

What do you get when you combine a gaggle of aging bike racers, copious amounts of beer, darkness and cruiser bikes? Chaos. The Tour de Dewey was brought back in style for a certain Dubba’s 40th birthday. It was of course a full moon and the date was special to say the least…


There were costumes…


Supporters of all kinds…


Dirk was on hand…


Cruiser bikes…


And of course pro-level bike racing…


Even Hunter S. Thompson made it!


All of this debauchery yielded some amazing spectacles including…


Yeah, did I mention the chaos part? A bit of a head on collision creating some crumpled bike parts, stitches and hematomas. As I type this I'm on the mend as is my bud who collided with me and thus will now be part of TdD legend. I’m, uh, ‘glad’ I could contribute to the TdD in some small way.

Needless to say my bike racing on Sunday was a complete waste. I attempted to race the Sienna Lake course…a SUPER fun track designed by my teammate Pete Webber for the Cyclo-X race put on by the Without Limits crew. I knew deep down trying to push hard on the pedals in warm up that I should just ‘donate’ my $30 entry fee and call it a day, but alas gave it a try. My main Dale captured my brief showing for a lap before I pulled out…something I truly can not stand doing but it had to be done.

Cyclo-X - Broomfield - SM35+ Lap1 from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

More bike racing to come so time to slap my face Lars Boom style and come around for the 2nd half of the season.


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