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The long view


A slow, silent, out of the saddle cadence is what one gear provides. Like a metronome. You hear nothing but your tires biting into the earth and your labored breathing. You don't think about anything complicated…like changing gears. Just the metronome of your own cadence. One…two…one…two. It gives your mind this amazing latitude to wander within itself while you’re in the woods.

The thinking I do on this one speed bike has me hungry again. I went and dropped a few teeth from the rear cog simply to push harder. To know I can push the inches and feel light as I do it. It’s a substitute for training so to speak as I only have so much precious time. So make it count.

This one cog that has brought me back to center…about bikes and bringing them back to what they meant to me and my friends as we tore through the sequoias in northern California. Bringing me enjoyment when I thought it was becoming a chore. But probably even more so centering me on enjoying where I am these days in life. What I can and can not control. What my wife has accomplished this last year. How my boys are growing, thriving and seeing more of me…happy. The single-ness of my cog has in some odd way eradicated the single-ness in my often selfish thinking and existence. I want it all, I want to win, I want to fly…but the cake and eating it can’t happen without breaking so many things in balance.

It’s taught me to think about taking the long view. And I’ve already won.

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