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Guest Blog: Webber’s in Italy- Days 2 & 3

The past few days have been epic. Simply amazing riding thru the heart of Tuscany. We have continued our southerly course following small roads and portions of L' Eroica gran fondo course. A highlight was the day-long ride from Castlenuovo Berardenga to Pienza... both incredibly beautiful and challenging. The riding was wickedly hilly, always up or down, and usually steep. Plus, about one-third was on the dirt Strada Biancha. I must have shot a hundred photos in the first hour of riding. It was just eye popping. Soon the camera got put away as it took full concentration to pilot the bike on the twisty gravel. During one 20 k segment we saw just one car, one scooter, and one cyclist.

As the miles added up, some of the climbs required walking - the gravel was just too steep and loose. But many hills were topped with medieval villages of ancient stone and stunning vistas, enough to make you forget your aching legs.

Our family team has been awesome. Sally has been riding great, and she's handled the dirt roads with no problem. Ella is having fun, and keeps up a steady banter of comic one-liners from the back of our tandem. The climbs don't seem to effect her energy I guess ; ) The bikes have been flawless, and our lightweight packing choices have been on the spot. I have my new Garmin Edge 800 GPS plus a detailed map on the handlebars, and we've avoided getting lost for the most.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the posts! Thanks for reading.


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