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Snow, resting heart rates and lymph nodes...

OK, borderline ridiculousness: Another 10"!! Crazy. After my hyperactive kids woke me up (like they do every single morning) at 5:40AM, I got out the shovel and unburied us yet again. I don't know why I shovel as our friggin neighborhood does not plow. I have to 4 x 4 the Volvo redlining the thing to make it to the main roads which are pathetically plowed but alt least can get us to civilization.

Even while not feeling well these days, I am too type A to just sit around. I've been having fun alternating rollers and gym stuff. My wife has been dragging me to Rally Sport and had me go through this military like workout for an hour with weights and nearly all core stuff. Holy crap. Tough but was so good to feel other muscles hurt rather than the normal leg pain from racing and training on bikes.

Speaking of sickness, the flu is getting under control. Went to the doc yesterday as a follow up appointment to get help for this chronic sinusitis thing I've had for time ad infinitum. Good news is my blood pressure was 102 over 61 and my HR sitting there in the office was 64. Ha!

I got some HORSE pills to take after realizing that I will not be able to get rid of this thing by wishing it away and taking more C. Next step is to ensure I do not have Hodgkins or lymphoma as my armit lymph is perennially swollen.

Even while racing I felt it in my armpit and it was annoying as all get up. Recent CT scans, blood tests and FNA's have indicated nothing at all serious but I am going to have this surgeon carve that puppy out in a week or two and probe it to make sure daddy doesn't have the big C. I don't need to 'come back' like Lance. I just need to get up on Mondays to go to work, be a daddy, husband and pay the mortgage to keep livin' the dream.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Too many things to see and do and accomplish.

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