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Skippin' out

Well, I've gotta tell you that the week...maybe month....nah year, has caught up with me. My well spoken-about 3 part teeter totter finally done broke, with work dropping a 2-ton boulder on it's side, ejecting me into a stratosphere of insanity. So, I've got to reel in racing for now and will skip Colorado Springs and likely next weekend as well wherever that is taking place. Oh well. I'll try like hell to grab points where I can but c'est la vie.

The week past was stressful but I am tunneling through. I got nearly to the other side of a chasm that I probably needed to finally cross, but didn't have the balls to do it. what is wrong with me???? I still believe there are no accidents and what will happen will happen but it's been a test for sure.

Regardless, I'm going to continue to rail it and train as if I am still trying to claw north. Nothing's optimal these days but I'll still try and focus. I almost pulled the plug on Belgium in my insanity this week but 5 minutes at home and a talk with my wife remedied that. I've got to see that through.

Oh, and I'm willing Wellens on. I love Sven's style...always have...but Bart is pulling out the heroics. Trying to take a page from that.

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