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Thawing of my body is not possible.

Shhhhhhhiiiiiivvvvveeerrrr. I am still shivering as I type this. 12 degrees when I rolled out of my garage this AM. I do not think it is going to be possible to truly thaw out and repair all that frost bite damage. I sure as shit hope nothing bad is going on with them toes!
Today saw some true suffering. The irony it was not the legs and body suffering from 'too much work', but the elements took their toll on me.

Today was what I think is the LAST Poormans session for 2007. In 2006 and years prior, I probably went up that slog like 10 times merely as a connector/cut-off road from the high mountains down back into Boulder. In 07 and Za Plan, it became a 'tool'. I now know every single solitary nook, cranny, hitch, bend, rise and rock on that God-forsaken hill. The Sessions Taro has lined up are extremely difficult, one building on to the other, week after week. Today I struggled through all of teh prescription but was so dodgy given the ice and 10 degree weather in the shade (plus wind howling) that it was sloooow going. I couldn;t stand to get in a huge effort as the back wheel would slide out. So seated at a slow an deasy tempo was about all that could happen.

My session began with a hard tempo up Sunshine Canyon (see photo above). It's a slog of a climb used for mountain time trials in the summer. I then dumped onto the top of Poormans and had to catch my breath less from the effort, and more due to the view (see right). Sick. So cold but super clear. Note the wind blowing the snow in the distance in the picture.

I'm feeling pretty good and back down to fighting weight which I am happy about. Taro has me loaded up with the required work in my legs and lungs with some further tuning to do over the next week before the rest is enforced before Belgium.

While on Poormans and under stress during the workout, my mind wanders. I keep thinking about what it will be like...I hope my bikes make it I fit they really spit beer in your face. Granted, I'll be at some local yocal races and not a World Cup, but 'cross is 'cross over there! I get into this monotonous thought skipping while I stare at my shadow as I try and get the legs lifted, one after the other slogging up the beast.

I hear Michel in my head from a recent email thread:

Let me repeat, be ready to fight hard, expect less than your normal placing and remember a Belgian will sprint to death even for a 40th place...

I have no expectations but experience and fun. But I am not rolling over like a lamb. As cheesy as it sounds, I am going to do what I can to show that Americans can cross....or at least give a shit enough to go all the way to Belgium and throw down. Honestly, when the Japanese or Dominicans came to NYC as a kid to do exhibition baseball games, I was amped to see it. Always a step behind the American sluggers, but they seemed to 'look' like they had it. I hope that is the case in the Motherland. And I hope that the experience leads to stories which leads to more Americans going over there to crack the code on it.

Less than two weeks...

Reader Comments (2)

Sweet Jeebus! It looks sooooo cold.
Inspiring though - go over there and kill it! :)

December 28, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSnarky McPants

Yup. Frigid to say the least but absolutely beautiful. I'll try to give it hell over there!

December 29, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

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