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Holy crap. It's gonna be epic.

OK, in the last 24 hours, I've had my fill of the pow pow. We made it up Berthoud Pass Friday and back down it yesterday for a trip up to Winter Park for a school related thing for my big guy. Volvo power. There is no substitute. Love that grocery-getter.

Today. Lyons f-ing CO, hombres and hombrettes. Home of the States as mentioned in previous posts. I just looked out the wondow. 4.5" of the white stuff and coming down. It's going to be EPIC and I am amped! Ha! This is gonna be a full on St. Wendel...

I've got the new Verge uber-warm skin suit ready for today and some Freddy's Extra. Bags on the feet and blue latex gloves under the other layers. I'm wondering who's gonna not be able to make it! The roads are shite. Today reminds me of one of the first races I did here in CO. It was a BoulderRacing event (like today's) so I am sure Brian H knows the drill.
That race, I had NOTHING in terms of cold weather gear. Crappy Defeet knit gloves, basic base layer stuff and essentially a set of slicks/fast course tires on. Awesome stupidity. Since then, I've raced in lots and lots of snow, so for me it's just another day at the office.

This is it folks! No Nats for me as I cashed in the majority of my daddy/husband points for Belgium. Wiser choice me thinks. More later once I get through with the Battle of the Bulge today in Lyons.

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