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Feigning weather

Mother nature does not know what she wants. Snow, no snow, rain, no rain. Peeks of sun...then overcast. We headed up to Beaver Creek and stayed at the posh Park Hyatt. Freebie from work. I had to talk the company's best sales guys through what kind of products my team and I are building from now through 09. They chose BC to throw down. Sort of a rah rah session. I like makin' the stuff sell itself but these big guns have this selling stuff down to a science. All the while threatening to snow 12" and trap us away from our kids at altitude.

Tomorrow is Boulder Roubaix. I'm not in race shape but I am going to go and race for some of my 'mates who are flying. Provide wheels, string out the peleton and then sit in and protect them. It'll be fun and the weather will not play a factor. The dirt will be fast. The breakup will come 2nd lap and not at the Kemmel, but rather at the climb before start finish. Trust me. It's more deceptive than people realize.

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