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The number of degrees my body is at at this moment. Flu. Body aches like bone cancer and dizziness like you wouldn't believe. Maybe someone slipped me a mickey. Seamus had it like the dickens earlier this week ,the poor little guy. Wasted. No B/R on saturday. Whatever. I'm sick of everything at the moment. The last thing I need is a bike race.

BCS had a team night for us as well tonight. All kinds of great deals to ensure we are well equipped for the season. Taro and Brandon rip. I wasn't able to go obvioulsy but I'm hooking up the following cross wheel set for next year.

Mavic CD Reflex:

DT Swiss Spokes. Black. 14/15 gauge with some black AL nips.

Hubs: Hugi 240's of course. Bomber.

Here's the news though. I was going to source some A-D Rhinos. 34 (I think) for my FSA-488's and 32's for these Reflex CD's. But Brandon mentioned there is a NEW player in the hand sewn tubular world. I have no details but ex-Dugast dude(s). We'll see. Stay tuned.

Off to bed to stop the ache.

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