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It's a Colorado.

OK, there *is* one more race on January 3rd in Lyons, but States was today so it's sort of a wrap. My full report coming when I am not so nuked. 10th on the day of racing. I can't complain. I am absolutely cooked.

Some initial digital celluloid.More tomorrow.

From Longman's lens (his pics here)
From Rob O'Dea's insane lens
From my (new) lens...and more here.
Full report tomorrow and then on to Nats!

Reader Comments (2)

People of Cross: GREG KELLER IS THE MAN.

Two laps to go in the 4's race, I rolled my ankle something awful on a dismount. Thinking it was broken, I was 9/10 of the way to quitting, and Keller was right there screaming at me like a drill sargent: "GET BACK ON THE BIKE! RIDE IT OUT! RIDE IT OUT!" Which I did, and snatched a 10th out of the jaws of DNF. Probably worsening the injury in the process, but that's not the point.

Greg doesn't know me -- I was just some schmoe cat 4 with a look of help-me-mama on my face, and GK was there to slap it right off.

I owe you one, dude. Soon as I get off these crutches...

December 7, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterPhil

Look at Brandon's face, he is smiling! Is he even sweating? And Jake's legs, OMG they are huge! Nice photo greg!


December 8, 2008 | Unregistered Commenter303cycling

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