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Valmont 'Cross Park - On the FAST track!

The system works! I do not know what else to say. Over the course of a year or so, the Parks and Recreation board and City Council members of Boulder have listened and reacted to the needs of in our case 'crossers in prioritize a facility in Boulder designed to allow for us to get our knobby tired game on. I've posted on this project in the past, but it is amazing to see this project get wings. Bobby and Pete have been using an incredibly soft-style evangelism with the City that has expressed the needs of mountain bikers, 'crossers and off road enthusiasts in a manner that wasn't condemning 'the System' and shaming it into the realization we have no facilities, but rather enrolling them with the true need and a participatory manner. It worked! The project is now top priority and being examined for implementation as early as next year. That is unbelievable considering I was prepping myself for the fact that *if* the project got approved, it likely would be something my children would benefit from when they come of 'crossing age.

The conceptual image of the park above is still in major flux but as you can see, so much is being accommodated. Awesome. Smooth trails, cross specific trails, technical single name it! I love the fact that a staircase feature was injected into the plan for cross specifc needs. Imagine if you will a set of stairs with a bunch of local sponsor labels on it. Look at the image to the right and replace Duvel with New Belgium and inject RockyMounts, Boulder Cycle Sport, VeloNews and so on. Rad. A set of barriers along the cross course would also be great. Perhaps something that could be moved in terms of location.

In other news, there may be some surprises this year with respect to some yummy UCI courses here in Boulder. New courses that is. Stay tuned....

'Cross on.

Reader Comments (2)

i absolutely cannot wait for this to happen!
thanks to all the people who have been so active getting a concept like this through the system!!
it will be a fantastic thing for our sport and culture.
imagine how the crazy wed worlds sessions will be on our own dedicated course.
we definitely gotta get some sand in there somewhere.

If this really happens and volunteers are needed...consider me signed up already.
who knows, maybe they can get some cheap labor from the boulder county jail just to the north of the site :)

- zach

February 14, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

Damn...I thought we were doing well when we could get Roanoke to agree to let us put on a race in a park.
I guess we're not quite the Boulder of the East yet...

February 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterWes at East Coasters

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