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White Sex is now viral...

OK, in all sincerity, this is getting crazy. Funny, but crazy. White junk like glasses, shoes, gloves, bars, seats, brakes, yadda, yadda is certainly the flavor d'jour and I am in partly responsible for pushing this like a sweaty evangelist with my gold-plated microphone preaching to my congregation who have their hands raised, eyes closed, singing hallelujah, praise be and amen.

What have we created?

In times like these when we're all confused and need some grounding, where do we turn? Well, I turn to T-Brown. Travis, oh Travis, what does your infinatley wise/ahead-of-the-curve fashion sense tell you? Lead us out of this mess. You are the Johnny Cash of bike racing and the anti-fashion maven. You MUST have the secret sense to know how to help us traverse out of this white-mess.

Oh, God. NO! Even Travis is busted! White Sex is going viral...and going international. It's airborne. Note my boy Stef's site. He's been afflicted.

White is the new white. What's next? I've gotta think through this. Could be my greatest vision yet. Must, save

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