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Happy 3rd Birthday M & C | What next?

This whole blogging thing started three years ago for me on a whim and I've documented plenty of times previously what the inspiration was. I would simply document the path to getting to Master's Worlds in Belgium and then jettison the blog once my mission was complete.

But alas it's still here and the fun in writing has never waned. The single most important aspect however are the connections between real people. I truly feel the power of what the internet could be (or should be) by writing truthfully and growing connections between people (me included!) that feel the same way and share similar experiences. It's an awesome, truly awesome, thing to experience.

I am not sure where all this is going to go but am envisioning the next evolution of Mud and Cowbells. I envision a growing group of authors, an evolution of the blogging platform to involve more video and of course a growth in our community of 'crossers....especially the ones who have to struggle to balance to fit it all in. The working, the life responsibilities to family or school and of course the racing and joy of being on the bike.

Thank you all for reading regularly and I will do my damnedest to try and keep you entertained!

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