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New Challenge Mudder | A Rhino Killer? Still Suspect...

A while back I was invited to have a first look at the 'Rhino Killer' Challenge Tires was launching to market as 'The Fango'. I scored a set of 34's, glued 'em up and the truth be told, they were nice....but an evolution of the Grifo...e.g. a new 'all 'rounder' rather than a true mud-fest tire like the Rhino with their near perfect tread pattern and 3mm high knobbies.

So Challenge went back to the drawing board and are launching a new tire (yet to be named...or maybe it's being called the 'Limus'?) which looks like this...

Certainly an interesting twist...sort of Fango meets Michelin Mud meets Vittoria XM Pro....but a Rhino killer? Dunno. I'd love to have a closer look a these at some point and pout them through their paces. I also hope that Challenge has looked carefully at the glue compound used to marry the tread to the the notorious 'separating' seemed unacceptable to me for a $100 tire.

Let's see what they got!

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