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Moab....and no bikes. Huh?

bbarbloggin I am jamming home from three intense days of work in my company's Scott's Vally (CA) office putting on an online conference. It was literally like trying to manage an air traffic control room by myself...but cool to see all these sick technologists believe in me and this conference when I sold 'em on the idea and they ALL followed through. The spent their time and talents to create some sick content and participated in the fracas. Anywhoo, it was rad, I'm tired and I'm flying home...but blogging from the bar, babies! Ha!moabhalf

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, more importantly is my lady. My Amy. My love. This weekend is her first 1/2 marathon in scenic Moab Utah! I get in tonight super late tonight and we're on the road for 6 hours in the AM to get to the race. She's doing the Moab 1/2, a super well known and well supported 1/2 marathon. Her first, but a target for many many athletes in their running seasons. I'll be ready with cowbells and camera and will be pumping up the boys to cheer their mom on. We'll hook up the amazing sites in the area as well like Canyon lands, Arches, etc. Pics and stories to come.

Which leads me back to my Amy. She's pumped for her event and has trained super well for this. Given all the flak that flies around her face...most of which would distract any lesser person from focusing on training, diet, etc and they'd have left the goal long ago....she f-ing did it! She peaked well and rested even harder this week and is going to SMASH her goals I feel. Anyways, it's super rad to see and inspiring and semi-jealousy creating. When is cross season?? I can't wait to get laser focused on those  goals again. Till the, I'll tilt back this martini....and enjoy.

Reader Comments (2)

So how'd she do?

March 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterWesley Best

Thanks Wes! She kicked butt. She nailed her goal of sub 2 hours!

March 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterGreg K

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