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16" of the powder after weeks and weeks of sun and dryness. We need it. I'll take it. I had to get out though today for a lunchtime spin so I rolled the Ahrens up and through some of my old climbing haunts like Linden and Bow Mountain. The places Taro tortured me with through za plan but where I re-shaped myself and learned a lot of what I could possibly do. 

The climbs reminded me of a lot today though. It reminded me that I need to continue to push. No failure. I'm flailing about these days, still a few kilos to drop which I know I will when the heat of the spring and summer kick in full bore. I need more discipline though as it's let the bad habits penetrate you when the weather's bad and you feel phantoms constantly lurking behind and you need to cope. I wake up every morning determined to start different yet seem to ground hog myself every day re-reminding that the discipline will come and the changes will come and I'll get back there again. It's got to start.

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