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Is Big Sponsorship Coming Back to Cycling? | Take a Survey!

There are signs of life growing in the advertising world, my friends, and large corporations are beginning to poke their heads out of their foxholes, having been forced to bunker-in during the last year or so while the markets were pounded and companies reeled in spending to improve any aspect they could on profitability.

But alas, storms pass, and corporations are looking towards was to brand and market themselves. Web 2 and other social networking mediums are in use, but health and lifestyle are as equally important in the eyes of those attempting to associate: product<-->brand<-->lifestyle.

I'm happy to say there there IS MOMENTUM and there are motions being made to formulate new professional North American road and cyclocross teams for men and women backed by a large sponsorship. A big part of making this a reality is proving to potential sponsors that people who would be interested in their products and services are also cycling enthusiasts.

So, I am inviting you all to take this short survey (sub 5 minutes) which will help yield data to the companies investigating the viability of large-scale sponsorship.

Click Here to Take the Survey!

Also, if you feel so inspired, leave some comments on your thoughts about this below as the parties reviewing this data will be interested to see free-thought on this subject matter too.

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