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Get Juiced | Cyclocross Photography

May. It's that time. I'm watching things these days (mainly what goes in me) and I am already tinkering with the equipment. I am lusting 'cross already. You all know I love the photographers who are out there at the courses and snap pics of our tired arses weekend after weekend. Search this site and you'll see a zillion posts talking about photo sites. Here's a couple of new photography sites to get you juiced up on your forthcoming seasons and all the effort you're going to put in this summer to get lean and fast.

Dejan Smaic - Sportif Images

Dejan's Got TONS of coverage from all the  local races....from TT's to crits to of course 'cross.

My man shoots a Nikon D300 as well and as you know, I am a burgeoning Nikon freak with my D90.

I tweaked with this photo he took of me at States this year (sorry Dejan...couldn't help myself) but the raw JPG demonstrates a quality that is like he used strobes...yet I do not recall any other than Rob O'Dea's and one other guy's. Hmm.


Winsor White Photography


'Cross is clearly tugging at the heart strings of Winsor White and it shows. TONS of fantastic pics from the local Boulder and surrounding area races from this season and seasons past.

Get ready folks. 4 months to get unfat and glue tires.

Reader Comments (1)

Yeah! Yeah yeah yeah yeah! I was just thinking to myself this morning, "Dammit, BCS still has my tubies in their shop. I better pick those up soon."
Cannot wait for the season. Cannot wait to be unfat, either.

May 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPhil

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