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One Geared Perfection | The Kelly Roshambo 29’er Singlespeed

I’m misty eyed. Za bike, she is done. When I think about what I put together here, and the fairly minimal cost imagebelieve it or not to accomplish it, it is amazing. I’m not using all the latest do-hickeys and gadgets. This thing is heavy, old school and bomber. I love it. I initially saw this Kelly Roshambo sitting there collecting dust at The Pros Closet  on one of my weekly fly bys to say whatup to the fellas (they're about a baseball's throw away from my house). I could NOT believe this thing wasn't moving. She had to be mine...and so she was after some finagling and promises of beer.

With the frame in hand, I parted out my old Dean Colonel which I converted into a 1 x 1 and leveraged the parts (cranks, headset, hubs, brakes, seat post) and sold the rest via The Pros Closet. (FYI follow 'em here on Twitter.) P-Lo, Nick and the team had my stuff on line and getting bid on in less than 24 hours. Amazing. But to make the bike complete, I needed some stuff to complete the bike which the selling of teh old stuff would fund. I needed...

  • Stans ZTR 355 Rim Brake Capable Rims (I'd be using my old and BOMBER 1998 Chris King hubs)
  • DT 14/15g spokes
  • SRAM 8 speed chain
  • Surly Tuggnut and Cog
  • Aluminum Nipples (red…bling!!)
  • Titec flat bar and Ritchey WCS shorty bar ends. (Yes I am going to give ‘em a try again after a decade of riser bar action. I need me some leverage!)
  • WTB Exiwolf rubber.
  • The MOST important piece: A very rare 29.8 size Woodman Deathgrip seat post clamp. 28.6 was too small, 31.8 too big. Trust me.

Nothing more left to say…so I’ll just show some pictures. Thanks to Mike D at Boulder Cycle Sport for dialing in this bad ass machine…especially the wheel build! Yum. Click on the image below to see the set.


Reader Comments (2)

You said tuggnut LOL But in all seriousness what gear are you running and she is sweet!


June 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterV

I have the same bike with disc brakes for sale if anyone is looking :-)


July 21, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjonny B

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