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Digging in the Dirt

What a rad day, today. Woke up with lots of thoughts given the 365 days which have passed since the transition…and yet I still had a bounce in my step. Life carries on. I wanted to get out and do something fun with the boys….but what? And then I got a text from Miguel Cody:

Cody: Keller: 10 AM. BMX with the kids. Bring shovels.

Keller: Kid, I’m there!

And so we hooked up at the house of the raddest and most hospitable family I’ve ever met! Jay and Michelle are CA transplants to Boulder just like our family. Made the move purely for lifestyle and kids and room to grow. And they are getting it DONE with a capital D. To the extent of ensuring room to build a BMX course in the back yard! So we dug and sprayed and dug and sprayed some more until we had this little kid’s BMX course dialed. And the kids railed. And the dads drank beer.

Ah weekends. Now back to work tomorrow. And it feels good. Yes, I really just said that.

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Man, that is awesome, some of the most fond memories I have of growing up are digging and building trails

July 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBen

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