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What's stopping you? For me, it's TRP EuroX magnesiums of course. Furthermore, just how passionate do you think you are about 'cross? For me, it's an everyday religious experience. But for Über-Welder Matty P, it's indelible. As in a forever reminder. As in, homie's inked himself to remind him of how important 'cross is...or at least braking (although some would say if you're using brakes, you're going backwards....just don't tell Matty that yet. The shit's still wet!).

Matty, here's to you man. You've got a 'set' for sure. Hup hup!

(P.S. I reccomend the yellow compound SwisStops. Like buttah.)

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okay still cool tho

October 2, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjimfamous

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