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Body Hibernation. Future Contemplation. Mental Constipation. 

We are cavemen. We need to remember that. We are on programs that have us athletically peaking in December which is so outside the human's normal path of preparing for hibernation, it's incredible we even get out of our beds and done micro-think lycra to trod through the frozen mud and snow this time of year on skinny knobbies.

I am broken.

My body has officially decided to shut itself down. Aches, pains, and all sorts of head drama dominate my mental landscape. I feel like a highly tuned machine that's been left outside in the snow to rust.

Each year of my decade past has been identical. Post season winter depression. Spring contemplation. Summer preparation. Fall competition.

Always mental constipation. Tons of synaptical log I fit? I fat?...will I be fast?...can I do it again next year?...can I balance this yet again?

It's ironic how I push for the future then cry for it all going to fast.

Time to hibernate.

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