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Yup, Dugast is pimping us non-PROs with the Diablo!

image My main man Matt Pacocha gave me some hints that I’d be REALLY happy and low and behold, homie was RIGHT!

While the UCI shit-canned their use in competition at UCI sanctioned races, nothing is precluding us wanna be Sven’s from using them at our ACA or Cross Crusade races…that is until one of us catches a Diablo in the heiney sprinting it out for a box of Gu’s.

They’re $225 each (that’s $450 bones for the math challenged for a pair) and must be special ordered.

Read the whole article Matt wrote here including his on-bike test with featuring a video of Matt versus our home boy, former slipstream seigneur and Subaru Rally whore, Jonny Coln as the drag race cooter style across 27” thick ice.


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