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Dugast sealing & gluing assembly line


Its that time. The rubber and cotton has been stretching in the basement since the spring. The BCS team will be using  a mixture of Rhinos and Typhoons. Here’s what I am doing at this time of the year.

1. In order to prevent ‘Dugast Rot’, I called upon a great friend  of mine in Belgium, Michel Bajorek. Pro mechanic and cyclo-crosser extraordinaire. Michel, and others I’ve spoke to have insisted that I need to apply AquaSeal before the tire is glued to ensure the hard-to-reach spots where the base tape may be exposed are protected. In the picture to the left, I have applied Aquaseal from the tread all the way to the edges of the base tape. I have intentionally left the base tape ‘naked’ to ensure the best possible contact between the glue on the rim, and the layers of glue that will go on the base tape itself. Only the very edges are covered with AquaSeal.

2. I applied one coat on each side of the tire to cover the cotton completely. I do this off the rim obviously and let them dry off the rim overnight inflated. I then deflate, put back on the rim (no glue yet), re-inflate and do any touch ups on the sides. I’ll let this dry again overnight.

Next up will be gluing so I have an assembly line working….


Dear Andre’: Please start coating your sidewalls as part of your manufacturing process. You’re killing me.

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