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The Juniors Conquer Moab's White Rim

(Yes that is one sick climb out from the Green River)

This was year two of this trip, yet bigger this time! 21 people, parents and their Boulder Junior Cycling kids, spent their first days of summer vacation on a completely self supported tour of Moab's famous White Rim. This was our 2nd year as a group taking on this challenge, one which is focused purely on family and teammate bonding. What an incredible thing for these grommets to experience. 

So what's the White Rim tour? It's a classic in the annals of US mountain-biking-dom. The ride is essentially 103 miles of non-technical 4x4 road trails which we chunked into 4 ~25mile days. You can see Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 here on my Strava profile

(Photo by Sally Keefe)

There really is nothing to it....not technical, but it is long, very hot and extremely remote. No cell service and virtually zero exposure to people....especially Park Rangers which in two years we've never seen out on the trails (only near the entrances). 

Logistically you are on your own. Reservations for camp spots are required about a year out for the best ones. There's a crapper, but no utilities and no fire burning which is a bummer...and mystifies us as there's nothing to burn up in the desert. 

We bring in everything - fresh water, food, supplies, equipment and this year had two sag 4 x 4's. The kids and all parents but 2 travel ahead of the trucks and ride while the 4 x 4s slowly make their way behind. In some cases, the floods of 2013 were a bit problematic still yet our truck selection made these traverses no problem:

Our oldest Junior was 16, and our youngest 8 and they ate it all up. Our mission is simply to bond...give kids jobs at night (setting up camp, cleaning, etc) and pair them with kids they don't know that well. They played into the night surrounded by clear views of the Milky Way. Epic. 

The riding was super fun. Lots of sun screen and hydration and we rode always together in a group. The strongest would go for it on the climbs, then go back and help pace-up the younger kids...

(Photo by Sally Keefe)

We're on to our normal summers now but the great memories will still be fresh by the time the kids don their skinsuits for cross season. It's adventure like this together which is why our Boulder Junior team is so special. 

On to more experiences!

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